MotoGP, Dovizioso: "Legal action against Ducati? If I say something my manager will kill me!"

Dovi has doubts about the 'Yamaha affair: "The situation is strange and I want to understand more. You can't know everything that lies behind it. I'm a good guy, I didn't intend to create tension. I don't remember the last time I enjoyed myself on the bike"


The longer the relationships are, the more complicated the farewells, but the one between Dovizioso and Ducati could be even worse than we could ever imagine. If the dirty washing hasn’t yet come out in public, it might soon happen in the courtrooms. As reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport, Andrea and his manager are thinking of taking legal action against the Rossa after the agreement reached between the manufacturers not to penalize the riders in the standings after illegal intervention on the engines.

With the results at Jerez, Andrea would have been the rider to gain the most from a disqualification of Quartararo and Vinales: he would have won the race by default and also in the championship would have more points and all of this is probably also reflected in the prize-monies for those results.

"The situation is a bit difficult, if I say something my manager will kill me" he tried to fob everything off with a joke. Which he failed to do…

The matter under discussion is the role played by Ducati in the MSMA's decision not to punish the Yamaha riders.

“Like the other riders, I'm not involved in certain things, so I wasn't in that meeting and I can't know the details - he said - But I think it's a very strange thing and I'd like to understand more. I don't know what they said to each other, but if there was something illegal they should be penalized, what happened is not normal ".

Dovizioso therefore did not deny the possibility that the matter could end up in the hands of lawyers…

"I just want to understand more and I will not make any more comments until I have clearer reasons - he continued - To me it seems a situation that I do not know how to define".

What is certain is that he is now at loggerheads with Ducati…

“You can't know everything that lies behind it - he said - I am basically a good guy, it annoys me to be in this situation and I had no intention of creating tension. If it had only been up to me, it would have been different ”.

These last two races in red could have been an opportunity to race without too many thoughts, but things are very different.

“To do this I should only look at the positive aspects, then I could enjoy what could be the last two GPs for me - he explained - Instead it's tough, because it's the sensations you have on the bike that command. I'm in a situation that is not easy and not even new, I could only get over it if I were fast, but it is difficult to be relaxed. I know it's a great thing to be in MotoGP, but if you're not fast you don't enjoy yourself. To be honest, I don't remember the last time I enjoyed myself on the bike. "

A long goodbye, one would have to comment…

“It is a pity that it ends like this – was Andrea's regret - I would like to finish this championship in the top 3, but it will be very complicated. I have to recover points on 4 riders and lately I've only lost some, I'm not in a position of strength ”.

Yet the first day of the second Grand Prix at Valencia did not go badly. The Ducatis are fast and Dovi is 6th.

"I don't know why all the Ducatis are faster than a week ago - he admitted - Certainly the conditions are different and the track is fast, there is no wind and the temperatures are not too high. I worked on some details after what emerged in the last race. Now I can brake harder, I have more confidence on the front. I'm not the fastest but I'm consistent, and that's good. But there are many who have a good pace and I have to improve by 2 or 3 tenths to stay in the leading group. Qualifying will certainly be fundamental: starting in the first two rows would make a big difference ”.



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