MotoGP, Valentino Rossi: "A positive swab is like being in an endless nightmare"

"These are things that often happen to those who have caught Covid. I feel close to Iannone, 4 years is an eternity. Dovizioso will realize how much he will miss MotoGP"


Murphy's Law says that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. If Valentino Rossi had any doubts, this season has definitively eliminated them. On Tuesday he did the usual swab and then left for Valencia, the outcome seemed obvious after having already recovered from Covid, but it was not the case.

"At some point you think you are in a nightmare that will never end - he sighed now that this whole affair has ended in the best way - The doctors didn't tell me that I was positive, but that there was something strange in the swab, something unclear. But I was worried all the same, because between one thing and another I have been going on in this situation for a month and it is normal to be tired".

The doctors, however, were right…

“They told me not to worry, because it is something that often happens to those who have been positive - he continued - They had assured me that the next test would be negative and in fact that was the case. The most important thing is to be here, I have also already seen my bike before, and I can start the weekend in a normal way. In addition, the conditions are better than last weekend, it's hot and we hope to be more competitive with more grip on the asphalt. "

Valentino's positive swab was just one item of news that has continued to arrive in the last few days, starting with the confirmation that Marquez will no longer be seen on the track this year, followed by Dovizioso's decision to keep himself free in 2021, up to the disqualification of Iannone.

“I feel very sorry for him - commented Rossi - Four years is really a long time, an infinite time, a year and a half already seemed a lot to me, even if it was possible to manage it. I can imagine how he feels, he can't even go to the track with friends on Sunday, his reason for living has been taken away. I am very close to him ”.

Dovizioso's decision not to accept a test seat at Yamaha regards him a little more...

“It would have been a good option, but Crutchlow is also a good idea because he's fast and I have a good relationship with him. As for Lorenzo, when I heard that he would come to us as a tester I was very happy, but then it depends on a lot of things. Cal's arrival, as Andrea's would have been, is positive because he is a rider who is still active. "

Valentino hesitates a bit before commenting on Dovi's decision to take leave, so to speak…

"These are personal things, I don't like it when other riders talk about me, they say if I should retire or continue - he underlined - I can say that age is just one of the many factors to take into consideration. Andrea is a huge fan of motorbikes and motocross, if you go to Faenza you will find him there doing some laps and having barbecues with his friends. His passion is not in question, but what is difficult is everything that revolves around MotoGP, because everything that has nothing to do with the bikes is a commitment and therefore you also need other motivations to face them. In my opinion, in this gap year Andrea will be able to understand how much he will miss MotoGP. In the end, he has done his career, maybe he will decide to stay at home and have fun with his friends".

Someone who would like to go back to racing but can't is Marquez. Rossi knows something about serious injuries, because in 2010 he suffered one…

“In the end we are all human and you have to have respect for your body - explained the Doctor - After a bad injury you have to look to the future further away than closer, because not only is your career affected but also your life. In 2010 I had a shoulder problem, I wanted to race and I hurt my leg, in those cases you have to stay strong, sometimes it takes time. As for Marc, he had a bad injury, but the biggest problem was the second operation. He tried everything to get back to racing a few days after the operation and this caused worse consequences, now he needs more time ".



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