MotoGP, Rivola: "The judgement on Iannone must be accepted, even if many elements of this decision arouse perplexities”

Aprilia Racing CEO: "We do not regret standing by Andrea and we continue to stand by him at this time. This matter has heavily damaged Aprilia Racing”


Aprilia Racing has published a note following the decision of the CAS to disqualify Andrea Iannone for 4 years. We report it in full below together with the words of its CEO Massimo Rivola.

Aprilia Racing acknowledges the decision of the Lausanne CAS and the four-year sanction for Andrea Iannone.

The ethical and sporting values to which Aprilia Racing has always aspired include zero tolerance for any practices prohibited by the regulations and require the acceptance and observance of judgements even though, on this occasion, it is a hard decision that seems to go well beyond what the papers, the scientific evidence and even the previous judgement issued by the International Federation indicated.

From the beginning of this matter, Aprilia Racing chose to stand by their rider and even at this time, as a matter of consistency, they support him, having believed and continuing to believe that he acted in good faith.

Massimo Rivola (Aprilia Racing CEO): “Judgements must be observed and accepted, even if many elements of this decision arouse perplexities, even from a purely scientific point of view. We do not regret having stood by Andrea and, to the contrary, we continue to stand by him at this time. This matter, with its extremely long times, has heavily damaged Aprilia Racing and our strategies for this and upcoming seasons. However, we must now look to the future, and it is our duty to quickly find a high-level solution that embraces the project we began with Andrea and that allows us to continue our growth, which is there and is clearly evident.”




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