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SBK, Chaz Davies one step away from signing with Go Eleven

The Welsh rider will remain with Ducati also in 2021, the negotiations between the Welshman and the Piedmont-based team are being finalized

SBK: Chaz Davies one step away from signing with Go Eleven


The last image of Chaz Davies in World Superbike dates back to the Estoril round, when he took the win in Race 2. In fact, it is impossible to forget the Welshman's triumph on the day of his final farewell to the Italian team after seven years together. For him there were smiles, tears and emotions, the right recognition for the efforts made on the track by the Welshman.

Yet, despite the choice of the Borgo Panigale manufacturer to bet on Michael Ruben Rinaldi for 2021, we will soon see Chaz again as a protagonist in the World Championship. As we anticipated the day after the Portuguese round, Ducati was looking for a solution to keep Chaz within the Red orbit. The idea was in fact to place the Welshman in the Go Eleven team, reserving him the same treatment as the factory riders.

As he told us several times during the championship finale, Chaz actually had nothing in hand, but only several rumours related to his future. The fact is that in recent weeks the negotiations have undergone an important acceleration, to the point of having reached an advanced stage that is only awaiting definition. At the moment #7 has not yet signed a contract with Gianni Ramello's Piedmont-based team, but this could come in the next few weeks, once the final details have been sorted out.

With Go Eleven Davies will therefore have a treatment like the official team. Therefore, Chaz will be able to count on the presence of the manufacturer’s engineers inside the garage, who work closely with Aruba, without forgetting the material updates, including the Ohlins suspensions, just to give one example. In addition to the economic component, one of the central issues to be resolved was that linked to the technical side. And in this respect, Chaz has received all the necessary reassurances.

One could almost say that the Ducati of Go Eleven will be a sort of third Ducati factory on the track, which will go along with those of Redding and Rinaldi. The only thing that will change will in fact be the colours of the livery.

The fact is that in this last year Gianni Ramello's team has made giant steps forward and the results are plain for all to see. After being the revelation of 2020 with the independent title and a victory at Aragon with Rinaldi, here is now the icing on the cake represented by Chaz Davies.

2021 has already begun and consequently the bar has risen.     


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