Here is the provisional MotoGP 2021 calendar, but it’s just a proposal

FIM and Dorna have published a draft calendar that will almost certainly not be respected due to the pandemic. Three reserves: in addition to Portimao, Mandalika in Indonesia and Igora Drive in Russia


The one presented today as a draft of the 2021 calendar by the FIM in agreement with Dorna, is a proposal rather than a draft. But we know fully that the ways of hell are paved with good intentions…

Basically the usual show is replicated, placing the dates in their usual positions. Well knowing, probably, that it will not be possible, due to the pandemic, to race for example in Argentina and America on 11 and 18 April next.

In recent days we had reported on two rumours: the first of the possibility of a double race in Qatar, the second of three reserve circuits should one of the 20 scheduled races be missed out.

It seems to us at this point that we can say that both possibilities will be correct.

In fact, if the second and third races were to be cancelled - and we will know this soon - a Qatar 2 would allow us not to lose two Grands Prix, but only one and, if anything, the extra-European races would move to the end of the year, when (hopefully) the pandemic will be eradicated.

The Grand Prix between 11 July, Finland, whose circuit has yet to be homologated, and 15 August, Austria, will probably be Brno, which for years has accustomed us to always hanging in the balance.

The choice of 'reserve' circuits is unusual. In fact, while Portimao was to be expected, the circuit that will bring an end to this tormented season in two weeks’ time, the Indonesian one of Mandalika, which has been talked about in the past, and especially that of Igora Drive, which should be not far from St. Petersburg, are virtually unknown.


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