MotoGP, Valentino Rossi fighting against Covid and against time for Valencia

The Doctor underwent a new swab this morning; if the result is negative he has to do another one on Saturday to get the green light


Rossi still doesn't know whether or not he will be able to race in Valencia this weekend. Valentino underwent another swab test this morning and the result should arrive in the afternoon. If it turns out positive, he will of course have to stay at home, but if it were negative he would start a fight against time to be able to take part in the GP of Europe.

The Dorna and FIM protocol, in fact, stipulates that a rider can only take to the track if the results of two swabs, made 48 hours from each other, are negative. This means that Rossi would have to do another test on Saturday morning and, if that too turns out to be negative, only get on his M1 on Saturday.

As a result, tomorrow in the first two free practice sessions, his standby replacement Garrett Gerloff will surely be on the Yamaha, but he might only start the race weekend and then leave the bike to the titled rider.

The conditional, in this case, is a must because before seeing how Rossi's situation will evolve, we will have to wait for the result of this morning's test.

Even in the best of cases, we won't see the Doctor on track before Saturday. It would be an uphill start for him, because he would enter the Grand Prix, so to speak, already in the race, but there is no doubt that he wants to make the most of this opportunity at all costs.

We will surely be in a position to provide more information before the end of the day.



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