MotoGP, Dovizioso: "A whole year without improvements has destabilized me"

"I believe in the title because anything can still happen, but this season we haven't been able to get close to our rivals"


More than the points behind in the standings, the (impossible) predictions on how much the last tracks will favour Ducati or not, the flights of fancy about the tyres, the question is: Does Andrea Dovizioso still believe he can win this World Championship? It is not such a trivial question, because at times it seemed that the Forlì did not believe it possible to achieve the most important target.

Dovi answers the question and, as always, he does it in a very analytical way…

"This is such a crazy championship, with so many ups and downs by everyone, this situation makes you say that you can try – were his words - This year everything has happened and everything will happen, because those are always the tyres and each track is a different story. So the approach is not to give too much importance to what is not working ".


“But at these levels there’s nothing much to say really. There have been a lot of races in which we were not competitive, in which we fought for 10th place, and this is the reality. You have to be objective and we start from the last lap of the Aragon race, which went the way it went. The bad thing about this year is not being able, for some reason, to progress during the season ".

Is the only certainty that there is nothing certain?

“We have had many ups and downs, like everyone, but more than the others. If we look at the Ducati, there have been different riders who have gone very well in flashes and then gone back. In a year like this it is difficult to make a strategy or be confident, it is different from all the others. Above all for me, who in the last three seasons had been very consistent, being in this situation destabilizes me and we have not been able, up to now, to find solutions, to get close to our opponents ".

How will you face this Grand Prix?

"Tomorrow it will be wet, Valencia is a particular track, I start off fired up".

Is it all the tyres' fault?

“To blame our performance only on the tyres is wrong, but to say that they are the reason for this uncertainty is true. These tyres do not allow us to be consistent and strong in those areas where we used to be. I immediately realized that the new tyres were different, I had some doubts, I had already had confirmation in the Jerez tests last November ”.

Not much seems to have changed since then…

"When certain things happen you have to work, there is the winter and then a whole season ahead. After two tests you can't have the situation completely under control. I had said so, but even now it is not clear what we need to do. If everything were that simple, riders who did well on one track should be strong on the others as well”.

Is it a structural problem of the Desmosedici?

“There are races in which the Ducati was the fastest bike, as happened at Misano with Bagnaia, this makes me think that there are no big things to change, I don't know if it is necessary. I am sure that Ducati in the winter will have a really good look at the data to understand what happened: it is one thing to follow what the tyre is asking, but then the characteristics of the bike remain and they have to evaluate them. "

These will be your last three races on the Ducati…

“I would have liked to have been in a better situation, to enjoy them more, with results similar to those of the last three years”.

All is not lost, an investigation is pending on Yamaha about the engines used at Jerez…

“I don't know the details of the matter, nor the possible sanctions, but I think we will know more soon. We have to stay focused to be able to stay ahead, be fast. I'm experiencing a strange year because I don't have the competitiveness and consistency I've always had ”.

What about your future?

"This is not the time to talk about it, we are working on some ideas".



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