MotoGP, Rossi is not surrendering to Covid: “I could be back on track on Saturday”

“I’m in good shape, but unfortunately the swab result is positive. I still have two more, then I’ll race in Valencia.”


At the moment, Valentino Rossi doesn’t know if he’ll be able to race in Valencia this weekend. Even if he’s in perfect health, the results of the swab tests he took up until yesterday were still  positive.

Yamaha ran for cover by choosing  Garrett Gerloff  as a possible replacement, but The Doctor will take another test today. If the result is negative, he can leave for Valencia, otherwise, he’ll try again tomorrow, with the possibility of returning to his M1 on Saturday.

This virus is a very complicated and a serious thing,” Rossi explained.”I felt horrible for two days. Then, after a few days, I was back in shape, at 100%. I isolated myself at home and carefully followed the doctor’s advice. It’s a very sad and difficult situation, but that’s how it is.

Unfortunately,  yesterday  - Tuesday November 3rd ) - I took another test, and it came back positive, like all the previous ones.Fortunately, I still have two chances to be able to get back on track on Friday or Saturday. I’m really sad because I feel good, and I can’t wait to get back on my M1 and reunite with my team. I really hope the next PCR test result is negative, because two lost races are already two too many.”



Translated by Leila Myftija

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