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SBK, Anthony West apologizes to FIM, returns to racing in March 2021

The Australian rider didn’t respect his disqualification for doping and severely attacked the FIM, now he recognizes his mistakes

SBK: Anthony West apologizes to FIM, returns to racing in March 2021


Anthony West will return to racing and apologizes to the FIM. The situation that involved  the Australian rider in recent months finally comes to an end.

Let’s rewind to September 2018: West was suspended for doping during the Misano round when racing in the Supersport, so he was banned from participating in any competition. But Anthony didn't accept that decision and raced in the Brazilian SBK championship anyway.

This was something that the FIM – which was seriously attacked by the Australian rider –  didn’t ignore.  In the months that followed, he accused it on several occasions of wanting to destroy his life and of having invented machinations in the world championship to make Marquez and Rossi win.

President Jorge Viegas, however, had extended a hand to West, acknowledging that his were words of a desperate man and promised not to take further action against him.

Last August, the FIM decided on a new six-month ban, since West didn’t comply with the no racing ban. This will expire March 24th , 2021.

Now West has decided to, once again, express his thoughts through social media channels… but, this time, to apologize.

He wrote: “I’m returning to the races. March 15th, 2021. I am making this post to publicly apologise for my past conduct in respect of the FIM, which I acknowledge was unacceptable, degrading and hostile. My previous social media statements regarding the FIM were offensive and spread malicious false rumours, and were unfortunately published as result of my state of mind at the time the statements were made.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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