MotoGP, Ezpeleta confirms that there is no problem with Covid-19 for Valencia and Portimao

Dorna CEO: "No queries from the local authorities. The curfew is not a problem for us and the situation is under control in the paddock"


Europe is facing a second wave of coronavirus and countries are putting into place a series of more restrictive containment measures. Among these is Spain, which has decided to ban overnight travel - also in the Valencia region, where MotoGP will stop off for the next two Grands Prix.

Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta intervened to confirm that the last three rounds (the double-header at Valencia will be followed by Portimao) are confirmed.

"At the moment nothing has changed, a state of alarm in Spain, in principal, doesn't impact our situation explained Ezpeleta - We're working during the race, and if there are restrictions on movement after 22:00 until the morning, it doesn't impact us. At the moment we can continue. In any case we're in close contact with authorities in each place, and at the moment we didn't receive any kind of information about it."

Ezepeleta also wanted to reassure everyone that the situation in the paddock is under control, despite the fact that there have been cases of Covid positive riders and workers.

"The situation is as we proposed in the beginning, we are controlling the cases, there were some in Austria, and then in any place there have been one or two people who have been home and then have some problems before they return - some riders and some workers in the paddock – he continued - But the most important thing is that, through the tests we're doing, we are able to control everything and know what the situation is. In principal right now we don't see any problems in the future, but I repeat, we're in close contact with authorities in each place. The remaining places are Valencia and Portimao, and at the moment we didn't receive any queries."



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