MotoGP, Alex Marquez: “I didn’t keep my calm, I made a rookie mistake”

“I wasted too much time with Zarco, but Johann wasn’t smart because he let Mir break away and slowed me down.”


The occasion seemed really tempting, since the third consecutive podium was awaiting Alex Marquez at Motorland. Too bad that his weekend ended with a fall  right when things were getting good, that is, when he was in fourth position just a few tenths from Joan Mir’s Suzuki.

A bitter weekend for #73, and all that’s left for him to do is learn a lesson in view of the double race in Valencia.

Today I made a rookie mistake, and I feel really bad  for myself and the whole team,” Alex began. “I made a mistake and ended up falling. At that moment, I was thinking too much about getting on the podium for the third time and, consequently, I didn’t have the necessary calm and patience, and made  a mistake. I’ll definitely learn from this mistake for the upcoming races.

He also talks about the choice of tires.

The tire has nothing to do with the fall. In the FP4s, I felt good with the hard front and, consequently, I opted for that type of choice after what happened last Sunday, when I wasn’t able to win because of the choice of tire. I think today’s decision was correct, given that I had good feelings during the race.

He also talks about Zarco, guilty of having slowed him down.

Johann was not very smart in my opinion today, since he made me waste so much time unnecessarily. When he ended up battling it out with  Mir, he didn’t think of hindering him the least bit and let him break away but, with me, he behaved in the opposite way, despite having more pace than he did. In the end, I managed to pass him, but then I fell trying to catch up with Mir."



Translated by Leila Myftija

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