Crackdown in Moto3: waiting for the slipstream can lead to disqualification

Increased penalties, but only in the cadet class, for those who slow down on the track: ranging from a Long Lap Penalty to being excluded from the Grand Prix


Despite the many warnings they've received, riders in the Moto3 haven’t kicked their habit of proceeding slowly on the track during free practice, with the risk of creating dangerous conditions. Out of 30 riders, 28 have committed infringements, many of them more than once.

So more severe penalties will come into effect starting with the Teruel Grand Prix.

The new penalties are listed below and are to be considered for a single race or, in the event of a disqualification, for the rest of the Grand Prix.

These are the possible penalties:

- Long Lap Penalty

- Double Long Lap Penalty

- Departure from the pit lane + Long Lap Penalty

- Ride-Through

- Disqualification


Translated by Leila Myftija

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