MotoGP, Aragon in lockdown starting Monday: IRTA warns teams

Covid containment measures tighten up again after the Teruel GP. The Valencia region is at a medium-level risk, for now.


Spain is one of the nations most hit by the second Coronavirus wave, and the government is running for cover, imposing new lockdowns in several areas, and Aragon –  where the Teruel GP will take place this weekend – is one of these. Tightened restrictions are expected for the area starting Monday, the day after the race.

The IRTA sent all teams a warning of the measures and invited them to leave Aragon on Sunday.

Besides Aragon, the regions that will be included in the new lockdown are: Navarra, Catilla and Leon, the the city of Madrid, Catalonia, and Rioja. The restrictions for Aragon will be decided over the weekend, but it probably won’t be a total lockdown.

If these six regions are considered to be extremely risky, the Valencia area (where the next two GPs will take place) is instead classified as a medium-level risk. This, for example, allows for a maximum number of ten people instead of  six to gather together.

Meanwhile, another rider, Riccardo Rossi, also tested positive yesterday. He’s not the only case among the Moto3 teams, in which other staff members have been affected by the virus.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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