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MotoGP, VR46 offers Marini and KTM Moto3 to Avintia: the deal’s almost done

VIDEO - Carlo Pernat revealed the indiscretion: "Since Luca's arrival in Ducati at 90%, they’ll need the bikes to cover part of the costs of the deal"

MotoGP, VR46 offers Marini and KTM Moto3 to Avintia: the deal’s almost done
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There are still two doubts hanging over the MotoGP for next year. The first concerns Aprilia, held in check until mid-November due to the Iannone case. The second, however, could be resolved within days. We’re talking about the Avintia-Luca Marini deal.

The negotiations are proceeding and, Carlo Pernat, live with us last Saturday from Aragon, provided us with several more details.


"Ninety percent of the deal with Marini is done, and the VR46 Moto3 team will be closing up shop," he reiterated.

Valentino will only keep the team in the Moto2 next year, while Avintia will do without Tito Rabat, who locked himself up behind a press blackout for a few days, canceling all his conferences.

The manager from Genoa revealed the details of the deal.


“The bikes of the VR46 team will go to Avintia, which will race in the Moto3 World Championship, and the cost of this material will be deducted from the sponsorship for Marini. So the VR46 will dismantle its team and give its bikes to Avintia.”

It was no mystery that Avintia’s Raul Romero asked for money to have Marini race. A portion will be covered by the sponsors, another by the material, namely, the KTMs that Vietti and Migno are using this season.

"Raul asked for a single sponsor. He doesn't want bikes with two different colors,” was what Pernat emphasized. “Surely, the VR46 trademark will not appear on the bikes, but only on the suits, as it is with its other riders."

If you want to hear what Pernat has to say, above is the full video and, from minute 12:30, his indiscretions on the negotiations between Avintia and Marini.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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