MotoGP, Bagnaia: "I'm staying in Aragon, I can't afford a private plane"

"It costs too much and I’m staying in Aragon: Covid worries me. I am a bit of a hypochondriac, but Arbolino's case is serious. The first lap was good. We need to see the data and understand what happened "  


by Giorgio Burreddu

Pecco Bagnaia is hanging about with a bit of sadness. He has to deal with his accident, a crash that has overturned his world...

 “We had bad luck. The first lap was good, I was fast at the start, I was thinking it would be possible to overtake the guys in front of me, I had more grip today than the whole weekend, I had a great feeling but then something happened ”.

The accident that brought an end to the Pramac rider’s race is something he has to analyse in detail...

We have to see the data, see what happened, very difficult to understand what happened because it seemed to me that someone touched me, but nobody did. So we need to check the data and understand. I was strong, fast, I think I could have done well. We have another race here, we can try to be more competitive because our bike is strong here and we will try again ”.

But the sense of Pecco's thinking is all here: yesterday there was a lot of talk about Danilo who didn't help Andrea. And what would Pecco have done?

"I would think about it if we are fighting for good points, because it is much more important for Ducati to win the title than for me to steal a position from Dovi".

These days ahead are going to be long and complicated, Bagnaia will have to work hard to improve confidence, to try to find the right pace.

"It will be essential from Friday to start working on the race straight away, a bit like we did on the weekends where I was faster. We need to rethink it a little in that way there, we have sorted the bike, nothing will be touched. Hoping for good conditions. I managed to warm up the tyres: I'm sure we would have made a recovery. I'm not saying we would have fought for the win, certainly not, but the potential to finish in the top seven was there. "

Pecco, like other riders, will stay in Aragon to avoid problems with Covid. A move can be very risky. The idea was to go home.

“But seeing how things are going lately - says Pecco - I'm very scared, I think it's more right to stay out here. It is a very difficult situation, I am very worried about how things are going at home too, I hope they do not get drastically worse otherwise we will see each other in races with five or six fewer people each time. It is a really difficult world championship, even mentally. This situation is bothering me, it’s afflicting me a bit. "

In Italy there is talk of new restrictive measures, closed gyms…

“It could be a big problem for us Italian riders”.

The cases of Valentino and Arbolino have scared everyone, including Bagnaia.

“Arbolino’s is the most serious situation, he is not even negative and he was forced to go through quarantine here in Aragon, simply because on the plane a person two rows behind him tested positive. I realize that I am a bit hypochondriac, I always try to avoid these situations and when they can’t be avoided it scares me a bit ".

From Le Mans Pecco returned with Vale on a private plane, to Aragon with a normal plane…

"It's almost worse. You never know how it happened to Tony. I don't think I will go to the next races with a private plane because they have an excessive cost, it is something we cannot afford at the moment ”.



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