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MotoGP, Quartararo: “The problem in the race won’t be my physical condition but the tires”

“ I feel less pain on a motorcycle than when I walk. Mir and Vinales are faster. We won’t have to play  Honda’s and Ducati’s game or it’ll become difficult.”

MotoGP: Quartararo: “The problem in the race won’t be my physical condition but the tires”


From rags to riches. Fabio Quartararo managed to overturn his situation in Aragon within a few hours. In the morning, he ended up at the medical center after a bad fall at Turn 14 while, in the afternoon, he celebrated his pole position. An important result for the race, in which he’ll surely have to contend with Vinales, who will start alongside him, and with Mir, who will start just one row behind.

When I tried to get up after the fall, I was worried,” the Petronas rider confessed. “ I felt pain. It was a strange fall.”

Weren’t you pushing too hard?

I didn’t do anything really wrong. I didn’t brake twenty meters later, just something slightly different. I had worn tires, and I wasn’t at the limit. I knew I had a good time that would allow me to enter the Q2, but there were difficult conditions on the track. I couldn't feel my fingers from the cold.

How do you feel now?

Yesterday I had pain in my left side and today in my right,” he said laughing. "Actually, I feel more pain when I walk. When I’m on the bike, I forget about it. Tomorrow I'll be able to finish the race. The biggest problem won’t be my physical condition but the tires.

Vinales says that the only way to win is to push from the start.

Maybe that’s not the only strategy, but it’s still a good one. We know that if we play Honda’s and Ducati’s game, then it becomes difficult to fight against them. We have to be smart, avoid doing stupid things. I think we have great potential, but I’m not too happy with my pace at the moment.

Who do you fear?

For now, Mir and Vinales are faster. They’re the two riders who worry me. I’m aware that this is not the best track for me, but I’ll give one hundred percent, even if I might struggle in the second half of the race.”

Do you still have cards to play?

The warm up will be very important for me. The team and I have some ideas, and I’ll have to understand if they work. If so, then I could have a good race.

Could you and Vinales play as a team?

He has a better pace at the moment. Then, if we could create a gap with the opponents, I won’t play with him, overcoming him. I would just think about following him, to then understand my possibilities at the end of the race.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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