MotoGP, Dovizioso: "Not having certainty is relaxing, every GP is a different story"

"We'll find out about the wind and the tyre temperatures. When the situation depends on you it's always better. Every time different things happen from the predictions. It's particularly hard."  


by Giorgio Burreddu

The longest day was today, “a particularly difficult day” said Andrea Dovizioso. And you can't control days like this. The Ducati rider is struggling with tyre temperature problems, with the wind. But also with the Covid-19 situation that is becoming more critical, difficult, complicated.

“The sense of alert has increased, and especially the teams have become more anxious. They have very restrictive rules, I can't even talk to my team on Thursdays. There is a lot at stake, we know. We are doing everything we can do, which is right, but we don't have all this power”.

Dovi often talks about power. The power to control the races, the climate (cold, very cold at Aragon), and obviously the power to control the situation of the virus that has hit everyone.

“I don't want to comment on things I don't know, how Valentino behaved I can't know and so I don't say anything. I can't say anything, and I’m not interested. We have to try to be more careful, follow the rules, but we don't have the situation under control. Nobody. I try to be careful, but I’m living it in a way that is not too anxious simply because I don't have all this power, I don't have it one hundred percent ".

However, there is an anomaly in the system, a bug between Valentino Rossi's situation and that of Tony Arbolino, who will not be able to race despite a negative swab.

"The situation? It seems a bit excessive to me, but even on this I don't want to point the finger, I don't want to say anything. We have to follow the rules of whoever makes them, that's all. I understand everything, but if you do the tests ... But I don't want to go into detail ”.

He goes into detail talking about Aragon and practice sessions that for Ducati seem like a blizzard, rather than wind. It swept away everything good that has been done so far. But there is time to recover.

“If all the Ducatis have had problems there are technical reasons: one or two. It was windy, but the situation can improve. And then the gap is big, and it's not quite real. It can't be real. We need to understand how close we can get, and then think about what we can do for the race ”.

It was a particularly difficult day, says Dovi. Fortunately, tomorrow is always another day.

“In the end at Le Mans we saw some different things, with the cold the bikes behaved in a certain way. Different things are happening here. As usual you can arrive optimistic for the weekend, but then you understand the reality of the facts. Today was very hard for us. Tomorrow we will find different conditions ”.

The suffering was caused by the wind but, says Dovi, "I don't know how to quantify the difference: how much it is the fault of the wind and how much the temperature. We certainly didn't create the right temperature on the tyres "

Not even Dovizioso's approach is under control, even that is fluctuating in the Aragon wind.

“On the one hand, not having certainty is more relaxing, this is because you have less power compared to the past. On the other hand, it is heavy, precisely because you have less power. When the situation depends more on you it is always better. In this situation, as you can see, every time different things happen than the forecasts. It is particularly hard ".



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