MotoGP, Dovizioso: "Putting the heart into it isn't enough, there is no rider who wins on his own"

"We can’t do five GPs with the heart. A rider doesn’t go on command. We’re at the end of the year, towards winter anything can happen. Difficult for the riders to manage, but certain situations can reopen "  


by Giorgio Burreddu

There is something in Andrea Dovizioso's eyes, call it what you will - a spark, an explosion of determination...

"We have to attack, also because we have to recover some points".

Aragon is an essential step of the season for Dovi and his Ducati: besides this, there is a possibility of taking something that the rider from Forlì has always dreamed of. But the question is: does it take more 'head' or more 'heart' to make up the points in the standings? He raises his eyes, thinks about it, but the wind blows through his thoughts and always messes everything up. But Dovizioso has an answer.

"With the heart you can achieve certain results in particular situations, you can't think of doing five weekends with the heart, that's not how it works. The heart is needed and can help you make a difference in certain situations, but a rider doesn't go on command. It's a question of certain dynamics that are created, but basically, especially in such an unstable season, throwing yourself all-in can only make you make more mistakes.”

But of course at Aragon he will have to throw his heart over the obstacle, or at least start to crush his emotions…

Michele Pirro also said so. "Dovi needs instinct. He's too rational".

Dovi doesn't give any answers…

"I prefer not to answer. I know who I have in front of me and that’s not the point. This is not the time to speak", but he looks at his world with more attention, with more precision. There is the matter of the tyres, for example. Something that has to be evaluated well. Could the low temperatures create more problems or more advantages?

"Maybe, but I wouldn’t know, I didn't expect the other bikes to get into trouble at Le Mans. And it is not certain that with low temperatures some bikes will be in trouble. It's a mix, it depends on the type of asphalt, the temperature, even the type of tyre. There is no situation under anyone's control. In these mornings in Aragon I fear that we will have to take risks, the temperatures are low. But let's not worry about things before. "

These will be two complicated races, but it is a world championship that Dovizioso could take by going on the attack...

"There is not one rider who wins alone, it’s always a mixture - he said and added – The rider who wins alone or the bike that wins alone simply doesn’t exist".

We need a careful balance, also because winter is upon us and the General never forgives… Not even when it comes down to the world championship…

"We are at the end of the year, heading towards winter and anything can happen. We can find a lot of different conditions. It is difficult for the riders to manage this, but it can reopen certain situations. Interesting."

It certainly won't be a matter of experience…

“I have experience but that is not enough. If you look at their career, a lot of riders are fast at the start. But the bike also makes a difference, it depends on the tyres, on a lot of things".


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