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MotoGP, Iannone: "My Aprilia is waiting for me: I would have gone well this season"

WAITING FOR JUDGEMENT DAY: “I received proposals from a lot of people, but I said no to everyone: I am a racer. Since last year's Valencia race, I haven’t been able to ride on any circuit. They took away the most important thing in my life. "

MotoGP: Iannone: "My Aprilia is waiting for me: I would have gone well this season"


In two days’ time Andrea Iannone will know his future. At the CAS hearing held in Lausanne, the Aprilia rider will ask for acquittal and WADA (the international anti-doping agency) for an increase in the sentence already imposed on him by the FIM, i.e. 4 years of disqualification. Andrea today made himself available for the first time in front of the press in Milan, in perfect shape and as calm as ever.

"I'm on the eve of the most important day of my life - he sighed - I never expected to experience a situation like this, but the difficult moments have always made me mature and even now I feel like this, more mature even if I’m suffering a bit".

What have you learned from these months?

“That life is unpredictable. Sometimes I hear my friends complaining about trivial things, I tell them to learn to appreciate what they have. My life has changed a lot, I have practically been riding a motorcycle since my mother gave birth to me, but now they have forced me not to. I don’t wish for anyone to try that ”.

How have you been this last year?

“It has been very difficult; I don't think you can understand it if you haven't been through it. My goal has always been to overcome this affair in a positive way, I hope to get back on my bike. Aprilia has always been on my side and it has been waiting for me. My bike is still there, I feel that it is waiting for me too. The dream is to be even stronger than before ”.

Since when have you not ridden a motorcycle on the track?

“Since last year's Valencia race, I haven't been able to ride on any FIM homologated circuit, practically all of them. They took away the most important thing in my life from one day to the next, but these are the rules and I intend to respect them ".

Have you ever thought about giving up motorcycle racing?

“I received interesting proposals from a lot of people, from many different sectors, but I said no to everyone. My goal is to get back to racing with Aprilia, I'm not giving up and I think I still have a lot to say. I started an interesting project with Aprilia a year ago and I feel the need to carry it out. I also have a special relationship with Rivola, it is the first time that I have found such a stimulating person by my side, I am not speaking only from a professional point of view but also from a human one. Aprilia has never abandoned me”.

Have you thought about what your life will be like in the event of a 4-year ban?

“Not at the moment, because I feel and I am a motorcycle rider. The day after the sentence I will understand what my direction will be. I have never stopped training, I go on the bicycle, to the gym, everything except motorcycles, as if I have to race next week. I'm in better shape than ever and more aware of my strength ”.

Are you following the championship?

“Always, I would have gone well this season. I also saw that the 2020 RS-GP has had a good start to its life and this fills me with pride. From the outside it seems to me that the potential of the bike is greater than what we have seen so far. I also know that Aprilia would also need me in some respects, because I am a rider with a different working method, I manage to stimulate the people around me, I challenge them. I hope to come back soon".


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