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Marini one step away from MotoGP with Ducati, VR46 thinking of abandoning Moto3

The next few days will be decisive for Luca's future in the Avintia team. With Vietti destined for Moto2, the team in Moto3 is left without riders

MotoGP: Marini one step away from MotoGP with Ducati, VR46 thinking of abandoning Moto3

The rumours had been circulating for some time and we told you about it in our live broadcast last Saturday (HERE you can see it again) and at Le Mans they have emerged even more. The main topic of conversation is VR46, which is on the point of closing down the team in Moto3. This is the final result of a lengthy process that (also) revolves around Luca Marini.

It is no mystery that Luca wants to go to MotoGP next year and is one step away from doing so, indeed the news might be made official in the next few days. The place he would take is the one in the Avintia team, alongside Enea Bastianini.

If the agreement has not been made before, it is because there is a contract with Tito Rabat also for 2021, signed with Raul Romero, the owner of the team that will race its last season in MotoGP next year. The last few weeks have been important to understand the real intentions of the Spaniard, who is not achieving particularly good results but who can freely decide on his future.

Now we are approaching a conclusion, with Tito giving way to Luca Marini for next year. VR46 would then place its third rider in the premier class and this move would lead it to get its plans underway.

In recent months there had been the possibility that Valentino Rossi's structure would move to MotoGP as early as next year, but it hadn't materialized. On the one hand, the Doctor did not look favourably on having a team in the same class in which he is racing, on the other hand there were so many things to fix in a short time. So it was all postponed to 2022.

VR46, however, is present in the other two classes. With the promotion of Marini, Moto2 is not a big problem: with Marco Bezzecchi confirmed, next year Celestino Vietti will be alongside him.

And Moto3? Here things get more complicated. It was the first team to debut in the World Championship, founded at a time when the Riders Academy was full of very young guys. Now those riders have grown and there is no desire to increase their number for the moment.

Just today, Andrea Migno's move to the Snipers team was made official, so the Moto3 team would not have a single rider for next year. What is left for them to do? One possibility would have been to focus on young riders from outside the Academy, even of other nationalities besides Italians, but in this way the project would have lost its way a bit. The alternative is to close down, stay next year with only the Moto2 team, and then flank it with the team in MotoGP in 2022.

It’s all a game of interlocking joints that leads us back to the start of our report. At the moment it is more than a possibility, but it won’t take long before we know for sure…


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