MotoGP, Dovizioso admits something is moving regarding his future

“Every race, not only Le Mans, can be considered as the last resort this season. From outside Portimao looks very big, but once you are on the bike it becomes a small circuit"


At Barcelona, Andrea Dovizioso’s race lasted just a handful of metres. After contact with Zarco, his bike ended up with him on the ground. Now that MotoGP has arrived in France, on the Le Mans track, Andrea Dovizioso is anxious to make amends. The man from Forlì in fact has a desire for revenge after what happened in the last round in Catalonia.

“This season we have had the confirmation that starting from the front is important - he began – Obviously, it is not so easy to be in front in qualifying, since the gaps are very small. Regarding this, I must also add that it is easier to make a mistake at the start of the race than to be able to gain positions ”.

On Sunday, the MotoGP race will get underway at 13, that is after the Moto3 race.

“I don't think it changes much racing after Moto3. Personally, I don't see it as an aspect that affects or doesn't affect the performance of our bike ”.

The fact is that Dovizioso comes to Le Mans after the Portimao tests…

"From outside, the Portimao track seemed very big, then when you're on the bike it becomes small and by the way it doesn't even seem as fast as some people might imagine. At the same time it is fun, different from the traditional tracks we run on, with lots of ups and downs. I don't know if it suits the characteristics of the Ducati or not, we'll see when we go racing ”.

There was also time for a comment about 2021…

“Something is moving for the future. It makes no sense to talk about it now, because we are going into certain details, from which we will then make decisions”.

Dovi cuts short, still disappointed about the outcome of the last round…

“In Barcelona I was really disappointed, I had a lot of adrenaline and when you end up on the ground you feel totally helpless. It wasn't my mistake, but it's annoying anyway, because I lost some important points. We will therefore have to try to be competitive again starting from this weekend, trying to be fast and fighting with the best ”.

There are those observers who consider Le Mans as the last resort for the Ducati rider…

"It will not be the last resort. In this World Championship anything can happen. It is also true however that, seeing how the season is going, every race can be considered as the last resort. However, we must try to be competitive to aim for the top positions "


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