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SBK, Redding: “What does Rea have more than me? Experience and the same bike for 5 years.”

“I don’t know if I deserve a 10 for this victory. I wasn’t very good at school, but when they tell me what to do on the bike, I try to satisfy every request.”    

SBK: Redding: “What does Rea have more than me? Experience and the same bike for 5 years.”


Johnny Rea didn’t win the World Championship at Magny-Cours. Thanks to Redding’s victory and Davies’ third place, Johnny had to postpone the world championship party for Estoril in two weeks. But only three points will suffice.

So Scott Redding can still console himself for having won again. A Race 2 on the French track not to be forgotten, where the Aruba rider won alone. He couldn’t expect more.

I’m really happy with this result,” Scott began. “As you well know, this was my first time in Magny-Cours, which was mostly wet. During the weekend, I struggled with the tires and also during acceleration. As soon as the race started, I saw that Rea wasn’t too far away, so I knew I had to attack. I filled the gap with the riders who preceded me, then I got closer to Rea.

Then the decisive attack.

“When I passed him, I knew the track was full of pitfalls and, consequently, I couldn’t take excessive risks. But I tried to push, trying not to lose my concentration and keeping my pace. In the end, I managed to win, and I’m thrilled for this result.”

The result represents a great boost for Redding's confidence.

After so many difficulties, this victory is undoubtedly important, because it gives me further awareness. I know that Johnny’s gap in the championship is still large, given that he’s three points away from winning the title, but anything can happen.

But the weekend put #45 to the test.

This season has helped me to understand many aspects of the Superbike, such as the tires and obviously the conditions of the various tracks, in this case Magny-Cours. Compared to me, Rea can rely on more experience but, above all, on a bike that has always been the same for five years now.”

Scott’s last win was in the Aragon Superpole Race.

I can’t deny that there was pressure on me to achieve an important result after Aragon and Barcelona. It was difficult for me this weekend to find the necessary confidence. I think, for example, when I was battling it out with van der Mark, where I tried to resist, but I couldn’t get ahead of him. At the same time, I've always been aware of being a fast rider when it’s wet and today I proved it.

Yesterday, you told us you weren’t very good at school, but you certainly deserve a high grade today.

Like I said, I wasn’t the best in school, and I don’t know whether I deserve a high mark, but when they tell me what to do on the bike, I try to satisfy every request.

Now he’s looking ahead to the final round in Estoril.

I was on that track many years ago. I have a very bad memory of it. In Portugal, no one had ever raced before today, and it’ll be interesting for the riders to understand what will happen and what the numbers on the field will be. But, at the same time, this also applies to the viewers at home who will be watching us.”

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