MotoGP, Razali: "It was a relief to have signed with Valentino Rossi"

Petronas team director: "It was the worst kept secret of all. We want to allow him to continue doing what he likes and improve."


Now the signature is black on white: Valentino Rossi will continue to race next year and will do so with the Petrona team, alongside Franco Morbidelli. For the Malaysian team, which made its MotoGP debut, it’s certainly a lucky blow to have a legend like the Doctor with them.

Team director Razlan Razali did not hide his satisfaction in an interview with Sky: "I felt a lot of emotion and even a bit of relief. This negotiation had been going for a while. It was the worst kept secret of all," he said smiling.

What was once as a Junior Team will have a piece of World Championship history in its ranks.

"We’re honored to be able to sign Valentino for our second year. We thank him for trusting us. We’re here to help him improve and allow him to continue doing what he likes," the manager concluded.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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