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Moto3, Sky VR46-team Leopard complaint: acquittal document emerges

The rejection of the complaint was formalized and the control unit of Masia’s Honda-Leopard was confirmed as being legit.

Moto3: Sky VR46-team Leopard complaint: acquittal document emerges

In the end, an official document finally emerged. It had to, because that’s how complaints, and any respective decisions, work.

We’re obviously talking about the complaint filed by the Sky VR46 team against the Leopard team,  accused of having installed a non-compliant control unit on Masia’s Honda.

This is the final part of the document in which the complaint was rejected:

The FIM MotoGP Stewards panel considered the views of the team representatives present. The protest was directed towrds the ECU on the #5 machine that  in the opinion of the protesting  parties was considered not in compliance with the regulations.

The Technical Director provided evidence of an approvals  process and how he was satisfied that the ECU complied with the regulations and relevant guidelines.

The judgement

Upon these grounds, the FIM MotoGP Stewards Committee rejects the protest.

Right of appeal

According to Articles 3.4.2, 3.4.6, and 3.4.7 of the FIM World Championship Grand Prix Regulations, you have the right to appeal against this decision of the MotoGP Stewards Panel to the FIM Appeal Stewards. A statement of appeal must be made within 1 hour of the date and time of the notification and accompanied by a security deposit of €1320. The appeal can be lodged with IRTA who may also arrange for guarantees of the security deposit payment."

But this does not interest us.  Complaints are part of sport,  and neither party can say anything about it. If anything, it can just be an annoyance for the Italian-Luxembourg team because it’s not the first. But a complaint that is ultimately rejected only proves in favor of the team that is then allowed something that others aren’t, So, credit should be given to the technical director of the Leopard team, Christian Lundberg.

However, the point is that, whatever happens on the track during practice or the race, must be communicated and formalized by a document like the one we show you, because we’re in a world championship. We’re not playing hopscotch with kids on the street.

 The panel of judges, chaired by Freddie Spencer, is certainly not the one that has to respect  procedures, the FIM is, and it should publish it, as should all the bodies responsible for changes to the regulations or any type of decision.

 We talked about this recently with former rider and new FIM president, Jorge Viegas, who assured us that he will address the matter.

 We have the right to know if a protest has been lodged for a technical problem, as was the case with the infamous Ducati "spoon", like when a rider is accused of riding dangerously or of having ridden on the green, in races or in practice sessions. We can say, from something insignificant to something serious.

Possibly, Mr. President, in (almost) real time. That's how it works in professional sports.

 P.S.  And it makes no sense to culpably send the complaint rejection document late, without having also sent the previous one, namely, the acceptance of the complaint.






Translated by Leila Myftija

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