MotoGP, Morbidelli hopes luck will turn his way at Barcelona

"I'm in the group of chasing riders at -20 points because in the first part of the championship I lost a lot of points through no fault of my own, now I want to catch up on the leaders and I have the speed to do it"


The championship is more open than ever with the top 4 riders in 4 points and they seem to be the ideal candidates for a 7-race long fight, the rounds still remaining until the end of this strange 2020 season. It’s wrong to believe that the world championship fight however will be between Dovizioso, Quartararo, Vinales and Mir, because a few points behind them, exactly 20 from the leader Dovi, is Franco Morbidelli, rapidly on his way up after the victory at Misano1 and the unlucky race the following week.

“At the moment I'm leading the second group in the standings - Morbidelli told us - but I think I'm with the best in terms of performance. Let's say that if I continue to race like this I can recover, also because this year I was a bit unlucky between the engine failure, a crash through no fault of my own and the contact with Espargarò at Misano. I hope that in this second part of the championship something will come back from my luck ”.

Speaking of luck, one can only refer to the anything but lucky episode that happened to Jack Miller during the Misano2 GP, when Quartararo's tear-off visor ended up in the intake duct of the engine, putting an end to his race.

"Miller practically won the lottery but the other way round. Really, it was a very unfortunate episode. I've never had a visor in front of me and I don't think it's a problem, only for the environment, maybe".

Fortune, however, is known to favour the brave and here in Barcelona Morbidelli will have to put together an attacking race to recover as many points as possible. Will the grip level of the different asphalt to Misano help the Yamahas or will it put you in a difficult condition?

“I like this track, it's the home race for many riders but I've always done pretty well here and I hope to have a good weekend. I recovered from the virus I caught in Misano and I feel much better. There was no grip at Brno and I did well, so I'm confident for this weekend. The curious thing is that I did well and the other Yamahas did not even though they had the speed. The problem was to repeat the performances seen in the free practice in the race, you need to have the pace ”.

During the two Misano weekends you wore a special helmet against racism and in favour of equality. Lewis Hamilton is doing the same, also using other channels. Did you get to talk to him? Do you have any other projects in mind?

“I haven't talked to him. I have to focus on being a rider which is my main task, then if I can share an important and positive message, I feel I must do it. And so should everyone, regardless of their job, or wherever they live. If I have other positive things to share, I will do it, but my job is to entertain people by racing on motorcycles ”.



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