Moto3, Leopard team’s ECU found to be legal after Sky VR46 protest

The 'offending' control unit has been returned to the Italo-Luxembourg team. An official statement from the FIM on legality is expected


As we wrote yesterday, we learnt about a protest for irregularities in the control unit made by the SKY VR46 team against the Leopard team.

Today the 'offending' control unit was returned to the Italo-Luxembourg team, and an FIM press release is expected to certify its regularity ... if it arrives, since the Federation seems to have forgotten its duty to inform everyone about cases like this whose results have an effect on the correctness of the championship.

"It is in fact not the first time that there have been protests against us - said team manager Miodrag Kotur, who the most attentive motorsport readers will remember in Ferrari alongside Michael Schumacher - it also happened last year in Malaysia".

Why is an official FIM press release certifying the regularity of the technical components used by the Leopard team necessary? It could be said that since the check originated from an official protest (in writing and on payment of a fee), a written response is expected.

In reality it is more simple than that, because otherwise a disqualification would have been triggered; obviously we would have come to know about this, and therefore there is a principle of transparency that obliges the delegated authorities to inform everyone in the same way in which it is announced that a manoeuvre on the track is 'under investigation'. It must be said that the FIM code is full of holes in many aspects, one of which is certainly that of procedures.





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