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MotoGP, Pecco Bagnaia: “Time annulled? I was too greedy.”

“I had to open the throttle less, but rules are rules. Now they’re talking about me? I don’t feel I have anything less than Quartararo, and I’m proving it.”

MotoGP: Pecco Bagnaia: “Time annulled? I was too greedy.”


Pecco Bagnaia is the first rider to have ridden under 1’31” at Misano, but his record was not , so to speak, validated. Pramac’s rider was the victim of the color “green” but, this time, it wasn’t a lucky color because they annulled his lap. So tomorrow he’ll be starting from the second row, with a 5th fastest time, but the rider from Piedmont doesn’t seem that disappointed.

 “They were right in taking  me out of the lap,” he said, avoiding  any controversy. “Actually, I lost time getting off the track, but the rules are rules. I was too greedy in the last corner. I opened the throttle too much, but I learned a lesson. Next time, I'll do it less. Too bad. It would have been an impressive lap, but that’s okay.”

Are you still satisfied  for that time even if you’re not in the pole?

It’s always nice to have the record on a circuit, but the most important thing is the pace for the race, and I’m happy about that. In the FP3s and FP4s, I have always been fast and consistent, with a pace around a low 1’32”. This satisfies me. Too bad for the green and the fall in the morning.

What happened?

It was my careless mistake. The front tire was still cold on the left side, and I entered with the bike too quickly when cornering. It wasn’t a violent fall. I had no problem with my leg, which is bothering me less than last week.

Do you feel like you’re the favorite for the race?

 “I’m not the favorite because I’ve never won a MotoGP race so far, but I feel good . Vinales, Quartararo, and Mir definitely have a great pace. Morbidelli is fast too, and I think that Valentino has taken a step forward in the FP4s.”.

Until a few races ago, there was always only talk about Quartararo, now it’s also about you.

That was right. Last year he was fighting to win as a rookie. It’s normal that we talked about him and not about those who arrived 14th. But now the situation has changed. There are lots of many young riders upfront.  Honestly, I feel I have nothing less than Quartararo.  I had already proved it in the past. Now I’m doing it in the MotoGP too.

Do you have any doubts about the race tomorrow?

I’m quite convinced of the choice of tires.  I think I’ll use the hard on the front and the soft on the rear, like in the FP4s today and in the race last Sunday. But we’ll have to wait to understand what the conditions will be. If it were cooler, I could change my mind. We’ll see how it goes. The important thing will be being fast and consistent regardless of the final result.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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