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MotoGP, Petrucci disappointed by his current form with the Ducati

“My bike is similar to Bagnaia's and it scares me a bit to see how competitive he can be. I didn’t find anything in the tests that can solve the problems "

MotoGP: Petrucci disappointed by his current form with the Ducati


On the eve of the second round at Misano, Danilo Petrucci is trying to put on a brave face as usual. There is always sympathy for the rider from Terni, even if this time it seems more a matter of circumstance. Danilo is in fact aware that there is very little to smile about, given all the difficulties he has had to deal with in this 2020.

“Last Sunday was my worst race with Ducati - he began – I’m always missing something when I'm on the bike, braking as well as accelerating. I was expecting something more from the last tests, but I didn't find anything that solved the problem in braking the bike. We are really disappointed to find ourselves in this situation”.

Not even trying the solutions adopted by Dovizioso on Tuesday helped to change things much…

"Between me and Andrea there is quite a difference on a physical level, both in terms of height and weight, even if our style is in some ways similar. The curious thing is that the bike closest to mine is Bagnaia's. This comforts me in some ways, since we have understood the direction to take, while on the other hand it scares me a bit because Pecco finished ahead of me by 18 seconds last Sunday. In the last test I know what Dovi did on the Ducati, I did the same, but I didn't find much. I still have three tenths per laps left to find and I struggle especially with the new tyres ”.

From his face therefore transpires a lot of bitterness for having entered this tunnel from where he is still not able to see the light…

"I am very disappointed about these results, among other things I am really sad in recent months, because the bike does not do what I want it to do. I'm trying my best, but it is difficult at the moment to understand what the reason for all these difficulties is. There are a lot of things, but it's like understanding whether the chicken or the egg came first. Personally, I would like to find pleasure again in riding the bike, which I don't have now. I feel cumbersome, I still have to adapt, even if it's not easy during the races. A year ago, if it went wrong I finished eighth, now I find myself sixteenth ".

Yet Danilo has no intention of giving up…

“Inside I am more pissed off and motivated than a year ago, also because I want to change this situation. A new challenge awaits us on Sunday, which among other things represents the second part of the season. I will try as I have always done to find the confidence and competitiveness that I lack. This World Championship is very balanced and anything can still happen ".


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