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MotoGP, Mir replies to Quartararo: "I didn't know he tried my Suzuki"

The Spaniard replies to the French rider who described the Suzuki as "the perfect bike": "It’s always nice to know that there is someone who knows your bike better than you but for now the pole positions and the victories are made by Yamaha".  

MotoGP: Mir replies to Quartararo: "I didn't know he tried my Suzuki"


Joan Mir will certainly be under special observation this weekend at Misano. For a variety of reasons; his two podiums in three races, in the last three rounds of the world championship he is the rider who has scored the most points, he is only 16 points from the top of the standings and also of the desire to finally see a Suzuki back at the top of the championship, the fact is that Mir is certainly the man of the moment.

Proof of this are the words of a worried Fabio Quartararo who defined the Suzuki as the perfect bike for acceleration, speed and handling and Joan as a fully confident rider, ready to fight on every track and also for the championship.

“I didn't know that Fabio had tried my bike, he must have done it yesterday or this morning, I didn't notice. It's nice to know that there is someone who knows my bike better than me - Joan told us laughing - Certainly the bike of the others is always better than the one you are riding and at the moment the man doing the pole positions is him with the Yamaha and the latest MotoGP winner was Morbidelli, always with a Yamaha. We certainly have a good package, and I am at a level that will allow me to fight with the best "

Do you feel a bit of pressure? In addition to Quartararo, Miller also made your name as the most in form rider on the grid and your overtaking move on Valentino Rossi last weekend is plain for all to see…

“The pressure is the same as always, I like to put pressure on myself, I work better this way. Fabio and Miller can have their opinion on me and Suzuki, I'm definitely at my best level, I get results in an easier way and pushing like last year. Everything seems a bit easier, I am fast in all sessions and on every track. I want to maintain this consistency until the end of the season but to be able to fight for the title I have to start winning races ”.

Joan, after two podiums and so much attention, as you said, only one thing is missing: victory. What was missing last weekend?

“We lost something in qualifying and in the first laps of the race. Riding with new tyres is a challenge for me and certainly if we started a little further up on the grid we could manage the problem better "

What are the sensations for this weekend?

"I feel good, I have a lot of confidence and I think I can get on the podium again this weekend. The Suzuki had a very good performance last weekend and I will give 100%."

Alex Rins: "I would have kept Mir behind if it hadn't been for Rossi"

On the other side of the Suzuki garage there is Alex Rins who last week was beaten by his teammate in the Misano1 race and who this weekend will try to do his best to get on the podium, something he hasn’t achieved since his win at Silverstone last year.

“Joan and I have a good level but looking at the race it is clear that he made up on me because I was losing time trying to overtake Valentino. If I hadn't lost that time I would have been able to keep him behind ”.

Why did you have all those difficulties in overtaking Rossi in the race? Was it the fault of your arm pain? Do you think an operation could be useful?

“Yes, during the race the pain increased and it is something I have never experienced during a race in the past. Usually after an operation I felt some tension in FP1 but then that was all. I don't think another operation is needed, we believe it is a shoulder problem and we have widened the handlebars a little to make me stay in a better position. During the tests I didn’t have this type of problem”.

Quartararo said that the Suzuki was “the perfect bike overall”. Do you agree with him? Do you think you have the most complete bike on the grid in your hands?

“Our bike is quite complete even if we are missing something, like all the other bikes. We need to keep improving to be faster on the flying lap and on the straight. I feel good on the Suzuki ”.

What are your expectations for Sunday's race?

"I'm happy to start over here in Misano right away, after last week's GP I think we will all be very close and it will be important to be able to stay focused and try to be ahead in the race".



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