MotoGP, Pernat: "Valentino Rossi passed the baton to VR46 at Misano"

FAST BY PROSECCO DOC - "The Academy has churned out champions like Morbidelli and Bagnaia; when Valentino stops, the baton will pass on to these riders who he has raised himself. Bagnaia has shown that he deserves the factory Ducati"

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The Misano Grand Prix gave us several incredible emotions, from the first victory in MotoGP for Franco Morbidelli, to the podium conquered by Pecco Bagnaia with talent and courage. Without forgetting the great race of Valentino Rossi, who missed out on the podium just a few meters away from the finish and obviously the magnificent all-tricolour podium in Moto2, with Marini ahead of Bezzecchi and Bastianini.

The Italians who tasted Prosecco Doc in Misano were therefore six, because even though he didn’t get on the podium, our very own Carlo Pernat still had to find a way to face up to the heat at a torrid Misano. His pupil Bastianini ended up on that podium, so a pinch of merit must also go to Carlo, who had the opportunity to quaff a glass of what he defines as ‘a sweet nectar’. This is the manager's comment on the first stage of Misano.

"Misano on Sunday was fantastic guys! Almost all Italian. In Moto2 a Romagna podium, in MotoGP we saw a great victory for Morbidelli. In my opinion he never dreamed of a victory won like this. Starting in the lead and finishing in front of everyone else. I’m sure he never expected that. But this is a really strong, great victory. A victory for the Valentino Academy, which has produced world champions. Bagnaia and Morbidelli".

According to Pernat, there is an added value to be given to Valentino Rossi after this race at Misano…

"In my opinion he is passing the baton to himself. He brought these riders into his Academy, so the baton of when he will finish his career will be passed to the riders he has helped to grow and raise. Bravo Vale! He has given a lot and is still giving a lot. Too bad about the podium, it was almost there. However, at 41 years of age, keeping that pace until the end, with the heat of Misano ... we raced in terrifying heat. Rossi proved to still be really a great phenomenon. Everyone should just stand up and applaud him ".

Misano once again offered a well-balanced race...

"It was a very important Sunday because there were basically three different bikes on the podium. Yamaha, Ducati and Suzuki. This is a very strange championship, a championship that if I had to bet 5 lire today I wouldn't know where to bet. I wouldn't bet on anyone, because there are nine riders in seventeen points, which is an incredible thing. "

Then there were the winners and losers and this time KTM failed to appear on the radar: while the Ducati seems ready to welcome Bagnaia…

"The KTMs were a bit disappointing, but there is a reason. They have practically never tested here, they have always tested at Brno and in Austria, here they only tested once in June. So, when you don't test and you have a new bike, then it's difficult to get it right on every track. But there are tests this week, so KTM could be back in the battle next Sunday. Great Ducati with Bagnaia, who returned after a very bad fracture and finished second, despite the fact that in the last five laps he couldn't bear it anymore. I believe he deserves the works team and I’m sure they will make it official that next year the Ducati team will be Miller and Bagnaia. "

One of the disappointments of the Grand Prix was obviously Dovizioso, who did not have a very good weekend but who at least found himself leading the world championship.

“A rather subdued Dovizioso, I must admit. A Dovizioso who probably needs to change his riding style a bit for this type of tyre. But changing your riding style when you are a certain age is very, very difficult. I have the feeling that the only satisfaction he has, and it is not a little, is that he is at the top of the points table. But I really don’t think there is very much satisfaction with the way things are going, and with the way things are turning out".




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