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MotoGP, Michelin: at Misano an additional “special” front tire

New asphalt on the Italian circuit and an extra (asymmetric) tire for the riders. Taramasso: “It’s an unusual track, you never know what to expect.”

MotoGP: Michelin: at Misano an additional “special” front tire


After two weekends off, the MotoGP will be off to Misano for two consecutive Grand Prixs. Michelin knows the Italian circuit really well. with its 4,226 meters, interspersed with fast and slow corners, but there's something new for this year: the asphalt. Several teams were able to test it in June, and about ten days ago, collecting data that's important for the French tire dealer.

For the two Italian GPs, the riders will have three different options for the rear (soft, medium, and hard with an asymmetrical construction, and an harder right side) while the options for the front will be four, thanks to the waiver from the regulation for the new asphalt. In addition to the three "standard" tires (with a symmetrical construction), there will also be an asymmetrical tire (harder on the right side) in a hard compound available for the Grand Prix.

If it rains, wet tires will be available in soft and medium compounds (front symmetrical, rear asymmetrical).

The MotoE will also be on the track in Misano. This year, they've started using tires made with biomaterials and regenerated materials. For these two races, the Energicas will use symmetrical soft compound tires for the front and medium ones for the rear.

``The consecutive races are always a challenging time but, in these two events that, we'll also have the additional pressure of three MotoE races over the two weekends, in addition to the two MotoGP races,"  Piero Taramasso, Michelin's manager on the racing fields, emphasized. "We'll be very busy, but all of our technicians will be totally focused on their various tasks, making sure that all riders, regardless of class, receive exactly the same kind of information and assistance."

"Misano is an unusual circuit, and you never know what to expect,"  Taramasso continued. "In 2018, there was a lot of grip, and we broke records and saw fast, consistent laps. But then tlast year he asphalt behaved as if it didn't have traction at all, so it was good they restored it for this season and, thanks to the tests we conducted with various teams and riders, we have the data needed to choose the compounds to use, Now we have to see how the asphalt will behave during a race weekend."

Then the technical manager talks about to electric motorcycles.

"The MotoE will dispute three races. One during the first weekend and two the week that follows. We'll use the new tires with biomaterials and remanufactured materials, which worked very well in Jerez in July, and we expect them to give the riders the grip they need for this formula of sustainable racing, which is very important for Michelin," he explained.

Finally, he concluded: "There will also be a big change during these two weekends, because we'll have spectators for the first time after five races. The number will be less than what it normally is in Misano, but this is an important step forward, especially if we consider how much Italy suffered at the beginning of this pandemic. It's also very positive to see the authorities reach this decision and allow some fans to enter. I hope all of us will give them a show to be proud of."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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