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SBK, Davies: “It was frustrating. I can’t find an explanation for this Aragon.”

“The bike was great in the morning, then it changed radically.I didn’t have faith. It was frustrating to race like that. The fall? I lost the front.”

SBK: Davies: “It was frustrating. I can’t find an explanation for this Aragon.”


A bitter Sunday for Chaz Davies, just like his weekend. In fact, Aragon was supposed to be a race where the Weslh rider was going to recuperate, but his expectations were disappointing on his favorite track.

That's because at least one victory was expected in these two weeks, but there were none.  Race 2 is one of those to be forgotten in all respects, due to his fall while he was fighting for the podium.

Sp the Aruba rider has no choice but to lick his wounds after this Sunday at Motorland.

"I'm really sorry about how it went,"  Chaz commented. "In the Superpole Race this morning, I managed to have a good pace and my sensations were good. The bike was excellent. In fact, I was able to get the front row in Race 2.”

All that changed.

I didn't feel enough grip from the start. In fact, I struggled a lot in long corners. I tried to compensate for these difficulties with the front tire, but I couldn't find what I wanted. I had no grip, and this thing accompanied me throughout the race."

He was definitely really disappointed.

It was frustrating, I just couldn't find the confidence I wanted. I'm really sorry about how our weekend ended, since I crashed in the afternoon. I have to understand why the sensations on the bike changed so quickly, and we'll have to evaluate this aspect with the team, since  I don't have a reason for it right now. The fall? Unfortunately, the front closed, and I couldn't do anything about it.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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