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SBK, Redding at a loss to explain fourth place finish in Race 2

"Today I was a passenger watching the others. I don’t know what happened. When the weather is cooler, I can't make the difference "

SBK: Redding at a loss to explain fourth place finish in Race 2


Race 2 at Aragon this afternoon was a bitter pill to swallow for Scott Redding. The Aruba rider found himself on the defensive and consequently could not help but limit the damage. A fourth place with a bitter aftertaste for Scott who sees Rea and Kawasaki pull ahead in the world rankings after making a full haul of points.

“This wasn’t my day - Scott began – unfortunately, I was unable to get the desired result and I'm disappointed about that. Honestly, I don't understand what happened. Whether it's the tyres or the bike. We will certainly have to have a look at things together with the guys in the team in the next few hours. "

Redding then entered into detail…

“I got a good start, but then I started to struggle. The fact is that with lower temperatures, I can't use the tyres as I would like, since I don't have any grip. Obviously, I don't want to point the finger at Pirelli, but today something went wrong. In fact, I felt like I was a passenger watching the other riders in the race. Usually, when the temperatures rise, the bike starts to slide, but in that case, with my style I can solve the problem. This time, however, I didn't have the confidence and I finished the tyres ”.

The Aruba rider wasted an opportunity…

“I am disappointed, because today I had to fight for the victory or at least for the podium. Instead I finished fourth, while Johnny won. In the final race I managed to lap at the same times as the fastest, but only because their tyres were starting to wear out. I don't want to go into detail, but with the cooler temperatures, the Kawasaki has extra grip that it manages to exploit ”.

Finally, there was a comment about Davies' second place and the Honda podium.

“Aragon is one of Chaz's favourite tracks and he was competitive. I would have liked him to win, finishing ahead of Johnny, but I think he wore the tyres too much. I imagined that sooner or later the Honda would get good results. The bike has improved and they have a strong rider like Alvaro ”.

Now all that remains is to focus on the next race weekend, where Redding will be called upon to catch up on Rea…

"This should certainly not become a habit, but unfortunately I can’t do much, given that we all know Rea's value. The fact is that if I don't have grip, as I did today, I can't go and catch him and fight for the victory ”.



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