SBK, Davies still awaiting news about his future

"We will have to wait. I am convinced of my potential here at Aragon, but this won’t be a different weekend from the others"


In the world championship battle between Scott Redding and Jonathan Rea, today it was Chaz Davies who came out on top in Friday free practice at the Aragon circuit. The British rider managed to do a great lap this morning and thus becomes a strong candidate for victory in a circuit he knows well and on which he has obtained a lot of career satisfaction. Chaz is in the difficult position of having to choose for his future with Ducati which is reported to have offered him the Aruba team bike also for next year - at obviously top secret figures - but which should be in line with those in Scott Redding's contract (as we explained HERE). Chaz, when will we know something about your future? Could this weekend with a chance to win be crucial for that?

"I always race to win and there is always the possibility to do so, I have always done well here but it won’t be a different weekend from the others. For my future we will still have to wait as there is no news at the moment ".

Today Chaz Davies amazed especially compared to the tests carried out on the Aragon track two weeks ago, in which the Briton did not stand out particularly.

"Tests are one thing, races are another. Two weeks ago, I did a good job and even though I wasn't in the top positions I felt strong. Today was a solid morning and I am working a lot as we had to confirm a couple of details that we weren't able to analyse on the afternoon of the second day of testing due to the rain ”.

Looking through the standings behind you is another Panigale V4R, that of Rinaldi, while Scott Redding is a little further behind in 8th position. It seems your team-mate had some problems in areas where he brakes the hardest. Did you feel something too?

“I don't know what happened to him, I didn't have any kind of problem today”.

What can you tell us regarding your pace?

“The pace is good, and I am convinced of my potential. Inside me I know the potential I can express, even if I have to understand better the performance of the tyres in relation to the temperature. With all these tyres it is never easy to choose the right way, there are so many options ”.

Tomorrow the weather conditions could change and as a result also the choice of tyres could be a lottery. How will you deal with this situation?

“The temperature will be a key aspect for tomorrow's race as the temperatures are expected to drop significantly. Today we did all the work possible on the tyres and we are ready for tomorrow too ”.

It is said that this is a favourable track for your bike due to the long straight. Do you really think this is the case?

“It's not that simple, the straight is really long and the difficulty lies in finding the right compromise on the bike. On this track, cornering is also important, because you have to make the most of the exit. There is never a definitive solution that applies to all the tracks of the season and which satisfies what you really want and I think this is the same for me, as well as for the other riders. "

You will race here in Aragon again next week for the first-ever double-header event in SBK. Do you think the values on track will remain the same or could there be some surprises?

"In MotoGP we saw that two races on the same track were interesting, nothing is written"



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