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MotoGP, Quartararo: "We're not consistent. It's impossible to fight for the title."

“I have many problems, and changing track won’t be enough to solve them. I’ve asked Yamaha to take action, and I hope they do. The brakes? I felt the lever getting soft. It’s difficult to have the right confidence.”

MotoGP: Quartararo: "We're not consistent. It's impossible to fight for the title."


Fabio Quartararo doesn’t hide his concern in the post-race of the Styrian GP, which gave him a disappointing 13th place. The French rider is still the world championship leader, but many riders have gotten close to his throne, which undoubtedly (as he himself confirms) begins to seriously falter.

 “We’re fighting for the title,” he said, "but I don’t feel as confident as I was in Jerez, where everything was fine, Now we’re suffering and have various problems. It’s impossible to fight for the title with such an irregular trend and this type of problem.”

What everyone notices is the braking, but Fabio also focuses on other things.

It was not a positive race, and we need to understand the reasons why. Today we clearly saw all our weaknesses. I was behind Aleix for many laps, and the M1 was lacking in many areas, primarily in terms of top speed. In breaking, I went long twice, once because of me and once because of the brakes. I changed the position of the lever during the race, and  I felt it softer each time, which certainly makes you lose confidence and is dangerous.”

Setting  aside his own situation for a moment, the French rider tells us about his  close encounter with his fellow countryman, Zarco, and indirectly contradicts Franco Morbidelli, who spoke of a more cautious behavior on the part of various riders at Turn 2.

Honestly, I haven't seen any particular behavior from anyone. In the last laps, I fought with Zarco, and he passed me in the same spot where Franco passed last Sunday.  I think he thought about what happened, since he braked earlier than usual, but I behaved normally.”

Now Quartararo is thinking about the double appointment at Misano,  certainly less unbearable for Yamaha, but not without pitfalls, given the current situation of the factory in Iwata.

Misano is a better track for us, and the tires should be more suitable for our bike, but these factors are not enough.  Yamaha has to work to fix the problems and respond to our requests, since everyone is more or less suffering.  What did I ask? I can’t say, but I hope they can do it.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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