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MotoGP, Dovizioso: "There should be no problems with the brakes if you use the best material"

Andrea indirectly clears Brembo. Vinales is reported to have used the old caliper, which was not recommended by the Italian technicians at the Red Bull Ring

MotoGP: Dovizioso:

The photo of the wreckage of Vinales' bike explains better than a thousand words the risk that Yamaha’s Spanish rider ran yesterday at the Red Bull Ring. Running out of brakes at the end of a straight where the pointer is well above 300 km/h is the nightmare of every motorcyclist, including riders. Maverick managed to get away only with a big scare.

It would be easy to blame Brembo for what happened, but all the other bikes on the grid also have the Italian company’s brakes and had no problems. Each rider, however, can choose from a variety of calipers and discs those that best suit his characteristics and the bike.

The Red Bull Ring, however, is not a circuit like any other: the discs often exceed 800°C, and it is a ‘extreme’ track for this sort of thing. For this reason, the Brembo technicians had advised all riders to mount the new caliper introduced this year which guarantees better heat dissipation. Everyone listened to them, but Vinales didn't…

This introduction is vitally important in order to understand Dovizioso’s words yesterday when commenting on the accident that happened to Vinales.

“In Ducati they have always been very good in this field, we seem to have contributed to the development of the brakes because for my riding style I rely heavily on braking - he explained - I have always had the best material and have never had any problems. Each bike has different braking needs and it may be that other manufacturers weren't prepared with the new ones and had bigger problems. For example, Honda has often used smaller discs because they didn't need the bigger ones and anything that isn't necessary is not used. However, there is a chance to improve ".

Valentino Rossi also said that, after some problems in the first weekend in Austria: “but since last Friday I started using the new material and they appeared”.



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