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MotoGP, Zarco: "On Friday, watching my rivals ride, I learned a lot"

“I got on the track to see the other Ducati fans, and I transformed a negative situation into a positive one. I hope it rains, otherwise, I'll hardly be able to finish the race. Marquez? I hope he'll be back soon."

MotoGP: Zarco:

"What a pity" is what one would say. That's right, because Johann Zarco would have started from the third box, but tomorrow he'll have to start from the pit lane behind the group. This is  the punishment inflicted on the French rider after his  spectacular accident six days ago.

However, it's useless to think about the past, since he's is focused exclusively on Sunday's race.

“I have no words for this day," Johann began. "When I came out of the garage this morning, I felt  the pain was bearable and, consequently, I remained focused on doing a few laps. However, they were all quality, and this worked very well.”

So, on his part, he was really satisfied.

“My performances were a surprise, as was the fact that I started from the front row. However, I learned a lot about the bike, even some technical aspects that I wouldn't have learned without the pain, because I would have ridden in a different way. In fact, Friday helped me. I went out on the track to watch the other riders, further understanding the potential of the Ducati.”

The Avintia rider started way back in qualifying. First, the passage from Q1, then Q2, which gave him the front row.

“Unfortunately, I missed the direct access to Q2 this morning but, deep down, I knew I could have a second chance to get it. This weekend has helped me a lot in getting to know the bike, transforming something negative into positive.”

Now, the top is on Sunday.

“The goal is to score points, since I was fast today. But It'll be difficult to confirm my speed in view of the race, even if I think I can do it. Obviously, a lot will depend on how much pain I feel. If I manage to endure it, I'll try to score points, otherwise I'll stop.”

So Zarco asks for help from above.

“I hope it rains. That would help. In case of rain, I could do all the laps with a good pace while, if it's dry, I would have serious problems keeping my pace.”

The last topic was the news of the day: Marc Marquez will not return for 2-3 months.

“It's really difficult to live in this situation. Marc immediately returned with the aim of racing, but ultimately had to give up. I really understand what he's feeling since, after Wednesday's surgery, I couldn't wait to get back on the bike right away. It's definitely sad news for the World Championship, even if he'll have a lot of energy, and I can't wait to see him again. He's young, and he'll be strong.”

Translated by Leila Myftija

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