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MotoGP, Alzamora: "Marquez is not stupid, he followed the indications of the doctors"

"We asked for more opinions after the second operation, now the recovery times are clearer and Marc is calm, he knows what to do"

MotoGP: Alzamora:

Yesterday Honda, with an official statement, communicated that Marquez will remain out of action for a long time, at least for another two months. Today Marc's manager, Emilio Alzamora, spoke to Sky TV about the matter.

“Marc is now more calm, serene and he’s fine – said Alzamora - After what happened, it is normal for different opinions to be heard in order to be sure about recovery times. Now they understand each other and Marc knows what the most logical steps are to take for his complete recovery ”.

In recent days, it seems that the doctors made a mistake by not stopping Marquez at Jerez.

"It is clear that Marc's trusted doctor had told him what to do, Marc is not stupid - underlined Alzamora - Even now Marc is following what the doctors have told him".

Other doctors, though…

"It is normal, after a second operation, to evaluate other opinions so as not to make mistakes again. I am sure that this experience will help us for the future” he concluded.


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