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MotoGP, Rossi: "There is a lesson in the accident for all riders"

"Safety is more important than gained positions. We can do better than 5th place on Sunday". Vinales: "I'm disappointed about the race, but in the end my pace was quite good"

MotoGP: Rossi:

Valentino Rossi is not too keen on talking about his fifth place on Sunday before returning to the track at the Red Bull Ring for the Styrian Grand Prix. The Doctor still has clear in his mind the accident, the danger he escaped and the tragedy that could have been but which, fortunately, was not.

Sporting justice will decide on any eventual responsibility tomorrow, but in the meantime Valentino, looking back on what happened, has arrived at a more conciliatory position than the harsh one he took last Sunday. He acknowledged that Zarco had an involuntary part in the accident, while pointing out that the Frenchman made a serious mistake.

Today he returned to talk about what happened: “Last weekend‘s race was scary. In the end all riders are okay, and that‘s the main thing, but there is a lesson in this for all of us, especially the riders. We all have a lot of fun on track trying to finish in front, we all enjoy the battles, but in the end your own safety as well as that of the other riders is more important than any amount of gained positions. With this in mind, I think we will all be able to enjoy this upcoming GP even more.”

Regarding expectations for the race on Sunday, he added: “I did a good Race 2 last Sunday, and fifth was okay, but I think that we can do better, so let‘s see what we can do this weekend.”

Maverick Vinales also risked big in the incident, but he didn't even have the consolation of a good result and so the Spaniard lost second place in the championship to Dovizioso.

“Last Sunday was a bit mixed. Valentino and I were very lucky not to get hurt in the incident in Turn 3, but I‘m disappointed about what happened during Race 2. Thankfully, we have another opportunity this Sunday to show what we can do. My pace was really quite good towards the end of last week‘s race, so I think that if we work hard, we can take some championship points back this weekend. That‘s our target.”


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