MotoGP, Pirro: “Zarco? From behind the scenes, it seems as if they're risking the World Championship all at the last corner"

“His mistake was unintentional, it could have happened to anyone. Today I saw scenes that left me dumbfounded. Dovizioso? His separation from Ducati could be a push.”


The challenge wasn’t a simple one, but he certainly didn’t want to back down. In fact, Michele Pirro archived the Austrian GP with a  twelfth place and, in the end, his glass can only be but half full.

 “All in all, I'm satisfied,”  he began. “I did well for Ducati,” he said jokingly, “since Dovizioso won, and this is undoubtedly an important aspect. I did my race, trying to grow over the weekend, even if it’s not easy to find your pace after a long time away from the MotoGP. In the end, however, we worked well, and I even managed to finish ahead of the official Hondas,” he smiled.

Andrea Dovizioso was the winner, while Marquez watched him from home.

 “Andrea was second in the World Championship for three years, and he’s the only one who can be Marc’s rival. His and Ducati’s World Championship has just begun, and I’m convinced that he has some good cards to play. I say this because,  in a week, we’ll race again here in Austria, and I’m also confident for Misano, given that we’ve done the tests. While, on a track like Aragon, he has always defended himself. Among other things, the separation can be a push to try to win the World Championship.

His last comment was about the accident involving Zarco.

 “It was an involuntary mistake,”  he emphasized. “Starting from behind,  you see everything, since they don't kid around. It went badly for him but, from the back, it seems like their risking the World Championship all at the last corner. Today I saw some things that left me dumbfounded. These are accidents, and I'm convinced that Zarco didn't do it voluntarily. Maybe he made a mistake in calculating   braking, but it could happen to anyone.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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