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MotoGP, Quartararo reckons KTM have a good advantage for next 4 races

Binder: "It’s important to keep my feet on the ground, reset and carry on”. Morbidelli: "My first podium is a good injection for this weekend. At Misano we will see a lot of yellow, but I hope there is also a little green”

MotoGP: Quartararo reckons KTM have a good advantage for next 4 races

Quartararo, Binder and Morbidelli occupy the front row in the opening conference of the Austrian Grand Prix. The first is the championship leader, the second the fresh winner of the Brno race and the third, thanks to a podium on Sunday, has entered the ranks of the protagonists in MotoGP.

With Marquez still out of the game and Dovizioso in crisis with the Ducati, they are the ones to take the limelight and everything suggests that they will want to continue doing it this weekend as well.

Quartararo: "It's not easy to race in Austria in the rain, some tricky points"

Above all Fabio, who must redeem himself after a Sunday that was anything but exceptional for the man who came off the back of two consecutive victories at Jerez.

“I was surprised - admitted the Frenchman from the Petronas team – because on Friday we had a difficult moment with the bike, but in FP4 I had a good feeling with the medium tyre. As soon as I started the race, I had a small moment at turn 3, and then I was pushing in a different way to make the lap time and at the end everything was so difficult to manage. The most important thing was to finish the race, we can say that P7 in this race, one of the toughest one I ever had, was a great result ”.

In Austria, rain could be the main enemy…

“I arrived on Monday, the forecasts said it was raining every day, it looks like rain on Friday and Saturday, sun on Sunday, so we will do our best. I remember last year what happened to me in the wet: the first corner is to the right and I fell to the left. There are a lot of ups and downs and puddles can remain on the second corner. I know that the Race Direction will carefully evaluate the situation, but some points of the track could become problematic ”.

Another problem could be the KTMs…

“In the race yes, I managed to see them for not a lot of laps, just a few corners. Both riders were riding very good, the bike as well. I think KTM can compete for the title, not only because of Brad’s win but also Miguel was already fast in Jerez. They have also done tests here at the Red Bull Ring and at Misano, so they already have some laps done for the next 4 races. They will fight for good positions ”.

Binder: “After my first season, in 2012, I didn’t have a contract.”

For his part, Binder does not want to get caught up in the heat of the moment. Even though, in the home race of his bike manufacturer and sponsors, he knows that all eyes are on him.

“It’s been a super cool week! - the South African beginsTo finally get a victory was fantastic for me and amazing for the whole team and the people who supported me, a day I will never forget”.

But now it’s time to think about the Red Bull Ring…

"I know this is an important weekend for KTM and Red Bull, but it’s important to keep my feet on the ground - he added - reset and carry on like I did the previous weekend".

Binder also remembers the past and his difficult start in the world championship…

“After my first season, in 2012, I didn’t have a contract. I was lucky to find a place in Fiorenzo Caponera's Ambrogio team, without him I would probably now be at home sitting behind a desk ”.

Morbidelli: "The Red Bull Ring is not the best track for the M1, but so far it has been fast everywhere"

For Morbidelli the Brno race will also be remembered for a long time because it is the one in which he took his first podium in MotoGP…

"I enjoyed a lot Brno, generally all weekend. Finally, I was able to catch my first podium and it’s a good injection for jumping into this weekend. Historically this wasn’t Yamaha’s  best track, but so far, the M1 has proven to be fast in every condition, so why not keep on believing in achieving top results also on this track? This is a little bit special track, but finally I like it, in 2017 I won here in Moto2".

Morbido finally welcomed the news that Misano will allow the public to enter…

“It's good news. I think we will see a lot of yellow, but I hope there is also a little green” he joked.


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