SBK, Redding: "Second place means we never gave up"

“I didn't win, it was the most difficult weekend, I couldn't ride like I wanted. It'll be another story in Aragon", Davies:" I had the pace to get on the podium in Race 2."  


He couldn't really do more than that. Scott Redding leaves Portugal handing the top spot of the World Championship to Johnny Rea. In Portimao, the British rider arrived with a margin of 24 points over the rider from Northern Ireland, and now he's ended up behind by four gap lengths from the top.

On one hand, there's regret, on the other, the awareness of having limited the damage on a track where he had never raced before today.

It was the hardest weekend of the entire year," Scott began. "Unfortunately, I wasn't able to ride as I wanted here in Portimao. I had no grip this morning in the Superpole Race. In Race 2, on the other hand, I managed to get off to a good start, finishing just behind Rea. Unfortunately, however, I struggled with the front during the entire race. It was really difficult to finish in second place, but I got the best possible result. Finishing in second is important, because it means that we never gave up during the weekend. It was also really easy to make mistakes and end up falling on this track.”

For more information, go and see all the falls at Turn 5.

“It goes downhill at that point, plus you have the wind that pushes you from behind. I also fell at the beginning of the weekend on that stretch, and it served as a lesson. Obviously, we regret not having won, but this was not the right day to try, so second place is better.”

Apparently, Portimao put a strain on Scott.

“I tried to stay positive all weekend, but my style didn't suit the bike and the track well. This weekend will be useful, however, because it'll help me grow and improve when we return next season.”

Now there's Aragon, a track where Ducati dominated last year.

“The situation changes from track to track. I've raced in Aragon many times, and we also have carried out tests and will certainly arrive more prepared compared to Portugal. I know that Johnny is ahead of me in the Championship, but the season is long, also because we'll be more competitive at the Motorland.”

Davies: "If I had started later, I could have fought for the podium"

Instead, Chaz Davies didn't make it to the podium in Race 2. A comeback race for the Welsh rider, who consoles himself with a fourth place, leaving behind the difficulties he had.

“This morning, we were able to immediately solve the electronics problem we encountered yesterday," he began. "The bike was more stable and easier to ride. Too bad for how the Superpole Race went, since the fall affected my Sunday, especially the starting position in view of Race 2.”

So the Welsh rider definitely has some regret.

“Starting more ahead, I could have fought for the podium, since my pace was similar to that of Scott's and Michael's. Unfortunately, it didn't go that way, even if fourth place isn't a bad result.”

His last remark was about the presence of Leon Camier in the Ducati garage.

“Leon is not my coach. Unfortunately, Michael Laverty was busy this weekend and, consequently, he couldn't come to Portimao. I then asked Leon to follow me, since he's a friend, as well as an experienced rider able to stay by my side.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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