MotoGP, Dovizioso's crisis: "The contract? I'm human, everything affects me"

"But the problem here is the Michelins, the only difference from the previous bike. This is the only clear thing I have in my head." Petrucci: "The Yamahas will be favourites tomorrow but we'll see what happens from the middle of the race onwards"


At Brno there is a Ducati that rejoices, but maybe it's the wrong one. In the box of the Avintia team they are celebrating the crash by Fabio Quartararo which actually handed over the pole position to Johan Zarco. They hug and rejoice while in the Ducati factory box the morale is exactly the opposite starting from the side of Andrea Dovizioso, whose qualifying came to a halt in Q1 and who will start from the 18th slot on the sixth row. His worst result in the top class on a track that saw him winner in 2018 and second in 2019.

"The only thing different from last year is the tyre - Dovi told us - and the tyre problems are also the only thing that is clear in my head. This situation has continued since the winter tests and with the team we have not yet managed to find a solution. We tried to change a lot but I don't ride like in past years”.

Today was one of your worst days, sportingly speaking, since you've been in the top class. Does the contractual situation affect this?

“Everything has an impact, even we riders are human”.

Some observers see in your case a similarity with that of Vettel with Ferrari. His performances also deteriorated after the contractual crisis.

"I try and focus only on what I think is important in that moment, without getting too involved, but excuse me I don't want to answer this question".

What's not working compared to the past seasons?

"I can't control the braking from the start to the exit of the corners. I don't have control of the sliding or the stability, that's why you see so many movements on our bikes. The most complicated thing is that I usually know exactly why I am fast or slow. This time no”.

In front of everyone, however, there is a Ducati, that of Zarco. How do you view his pole position?

“Zarco did a great lap behind another rider but in the end he took pole, you have to recognize that and congratulate him. But it's just a great lap, I want to see what pace he'll have tomorrow. "

What effect does it have to see three satellite bikes in the first three positions?

"Right now the satellite teams and factory teams work differently. Many have official treatment even in private teams and then the bike, at least ours, hasn't changed that much compared to 2019".

What race are you expecting for tomorrow?

“I don't really know what to think, we will all have problems with the tyres and it will be interesting to see what the pace is. We will have to do an intelligent race; we'll see how it goes”.

Petrucci: "Yamaha favourite for the win"

On the other side of the garage, however, Danilo Petrucci managed to qualify for Q2 by finishing his Saturday in eighth position. Petrucci, however, was almost eight-tenths behind Zarco and his lap for pole.

“Zarco has been getting a tow all weekend but it doesn't matter because he was good at making pole position, one lap is done but tomorrow he will have to be good to avoid dropping down. I'm not happy with my performance with used rubber, the grip drops lap after lap in a really sensitive way and tomorrow will be very hard ".

What's wrong on the GP20?

 “We need support from the rear to stop the bike and turn it as best as we can and at the moment we don't have any. This is the situation but I remembered that Brno was a better track for Ducati, in the past few years we could ride more fluidly”.

Do these braking problems come from the new tyre?

"I really think so, we haven't figured out this rear tyre yet, at Jerez the problem was that we couldn't slide the bike, here we slide too much, there is no grip and the rear goes away too often".

What race do you expect tomorrow?

“After mid-race there will be some surprises, the times will go up by about a second and a half but I see Yamaha favourite for the win. KTM and Suzuki are in good shape and will fight for the podium, I'm worried about the deterioration ".



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