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MotoGP, Quartararo: "Nobody tells me that I have to win"

"The team just asks me to do my best and I appreciate that. I'm fast on the flying lap, but not happy with today. Morbidelli is the rider with the best pace”.

MotoGP: Quartararo: "Nobody tells me that I have to win"


Champions are never satisfied and Fabio Quartararo is not happy either after first place on the first day in Brno. Not only because he knows that Morbidelli was the benchmark for pace, but also because he did not find the answers that he was looking for in the first two free practice sessions.

"It was a bit difficult - he admits - I know I'm fast on the flying lap, but keeping a good pace is more complicated. For this reason, I am not happy with today, even if I am close to Franco, who is the rider with the best pace ”.

You still set a good time…

“I didn't expect to be that fast because I made so many mistakes on that lap. But I repeat, I have to work on the pace ”.

What's the problem?

“On the bike I feel good, but the tire drops too much, we are all suffering, only Franco less than the others. Riding sensations are one thing and tire management is another. I know where the problem is, I don't feel lost, I just have to solve it ".

Does the Yamaha suffer when there is little grip on the asphalt?

“For us it is a problem, unlike the Ducati, which manages to exploit its acceleration. Today the rear tire was slipping a lot and this surprised me, it had never happened to me with the new Michelins. We need to work and find a solution ”.

Are you using the device to lower the rear of the bike even during the lap and not just at the start?

“I'm trying, but it's too difficult. I think it works in a different way than Ducati’s, it's difficult to understand the exact moment to use it. "

You are talking about the Ducati, but today they seemed in difficulty…

“I'm a little surprised, but it's only the first day and it's not that important, this is a completely different track from Jerez and you have to adapt. Ducati has always been fast at Brno, I think Dovizioso has done some tests, he will be there in the race, as will Petrucci and Miller. I want to take this opportunity to send Bagnaia my best wishes for a speedy recovery”.

Do you feel the pressure of having to win after the Jerez double?

"There is one thing I have learned in my career: when someone tells me I have to win, their words go in one ear and come out of the other. I know what I should or shouldn't do and my team understands that. Nobody in the team tells me to win or to be first, just to do my best and I really appreciate that, I like this kind of motivation ”.

Thinking about the race, will the Yamaha suffer a lot in acceleration?

“We know what our weaknesses are, like our strengths, we just have to adapt. Here and in Austria it will be tough, but then there will be more favourable tracks ”.


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