MotoGP,  Dovizioso reckons results of Brno race will be decisive for his future

"The results on the track always influence the future of a rider. Marquez's absence opens up a window of opportunity for everyone, but each season is a separate story"


Andrea Dovizioso undoubtedly has a great chance at this point in his career. The next three races will be decisive from many points of view, because they will be raced on tracks that are undoubtedly favourable to Ducati and above all without having on the track the protagonist who in the last three seasons has relegated him to second place in the MotoGP championship standings. Marquez's injury literally opened up a freeway for Dovizioso, who did not appear particularly relaxed in the Brno press conference.

The contract for 2021 with Ducati has not yet been signed, the Desmosedici has not yet fully digested the new Michelins and the improvement of the Yamaha is plain for all to see. Dovizioso undoubtedly has a great opportunity, but it is also true that the conditions in which he will have to exploit it are not exactly perfect. Three races to decide a lot, if not everything. Winning them or at least moving up in the standings will be fundamental, while it could also be just as dangerous not to be perfectly ready for this challenging test. Dovizioso has shown in the past that he can easily withstand this pressure, but probably feeling the full support of Ducati would have made the task a bit easier.

"Certainly, the next races will be important for the championship and we will do them on tracks that are favourable for us, at least on paper. The results on the track always influence the future, so these races will do it as well. I don't know my future now, even if I know very well what I want. Now I'm in Brno and I want to stay focused on that. "

The absence of Marquez on the track is also an opportunity for Dovizioso…

"Certainly, this year is an opportunity for everyone. Marquez has won many titles and is now out of action for these races. But every year has a different story, the first races told us that the Yamaha riders are the strongest right now, but in reality, we have only raced on one track and with a really high temperature. The season is long, there will be other tracks and other temperatures, so we will see how it really goes ".

The Ducati rider is not too enthusiastic about his performance in Jerez, but he is well aware of the causes that led him to experience two positive but not particularly thrilling weekends.

"I can't be too happy with how I rode in Jerez in the first two races, but in the end my score in the standings isn't that bad. I'm happy to be racing in Brno, I think it's a better track for us, but it will be important also to improve my physical condition. I have trained hard to get really ready for this race weekend, but I will only be able to understand during the sessions on the track how I really am. Some things you understand only when you are on the bike. Here it is always difficult from the point of view of the grip and this year we also have the new tyre to work with. I expect a lot from the Yamaha, I'm curious to see if they will be as strong here as they were in Jerez. "

The first two rounds were also a sort of additional test for Ducati, which carried out a lot of experiments on the GP20…

"We tried a lot of things in the second round at Jerez, but I couldn't put all the best together for the race and that's the reason why I wasn't fast enough on Sunday. I had new problems in the race and I think it was a consequence of the many changes we made on the bike. We studied the data from the last weekend a lot, on paper we understood everything! But when you're on the bike sometimes it's not quite what you expected. I'm happy to be in Brno, because this track can help us understand the package we have. "

Dovizioso identified one aspect in particular that needs to be worked on…

"I am not using the braking as I would like and this generates a series of problems for me, because everything starts from there. In MotoGP you have to play with small details, you have to adapt everything to the tyres. The rider's style must also change, because this also affects tyre wear a lot. This season I'm still struggling to understand, but I think we will make some steps forward. In the past knowing how to use the tyres well was our strength, we have to go back to that situation."



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