MotoGP, Alex Marquez: “Marc? When he got hurt I was sleeping."

“He was leaving the house to take the dogs out and, when he opened this big French window, he got hurt. Even without him, my mentality doesn't change."


The news of Marc Marquez's injury, which occurred in an attempt to open a French window, is undoubtedly the news of the day. Something that has left many doubts and questions, especially after #93's return to his bike and the athletic tests he underwent. Since Marc hasn't given any statements, all the attention is focused on his brother Alex.

The rookie of the premier class, pressed immediately on the subject, could not ignore the questions, let alone go further.

As you all know, I live with Mar ," the eight-time world champion's brother stated. "On Monday morning, he got up before me, it was like 7:30. I was still in bed sleeping, and he got up to take out the dogs and also take a walk. In opening this big French window that we have, he hurt his arm. I know it's a very strange situation seen from the outside, but it went just as you read it. We then contacted Emilio, Dr. Mir, and the physiotherapist, Carlo, informing them of the incident, and thy headed to Barcelona to understand the extent of the damage. Subsequently, the situation evolved as you all know. I can't really say anything else, also because I was sleeping when the fact happened.”

So it's best we move on to talk about the race weekend.

“I arrived here in Brno after a positive weekend in Jerez. I think I've taken an important step forward, especially in terms of the race, where I managed to have a good pace on Sunday. Here in the Czech Republic, we're inaugurating a series of three consecutive races, which will be demanding, both physically and mentally. It's not the first time I face a tour de force of this kind since, in the past, I raced the October triptych in Japan, Australia, and Malaysia. It will be three rough weekends for all the riders, but we're here, and our goal is to give our best and make progress.”

So Alex is willing to forge ahead on his Honda.

“I have to say that, after the tests on Wednesday in Jerez, I was devastated, since it was a particularly busy day for me. More than my approach with the Honda, I'm experiencing the fact that we spent about five months without racing. That's the aspect that has influenced me the most in my apprenticeship with the bike.”

Without Marc in the garage, Bradl will be at his side.

“It's true that Marc won't be present, but his absence doesn't change anything for me, since I'll face the weekend with the same mentality as always. His is an absence that weighs heavily on the team, but there's Stefan, a rider who has great experience with the bike. I'll undoubtedly confront myself with him and, at the same time, with the other Honda riders, such as Nakagami, who was very good and fast in Jerez, as well as Cal.”

Finally, he spoke about his expectations for the weekend.

"Even though I've won in the past, Brno is certainly not one of my favorite tracks, but that doesn't matter. This is the World Championship, and every rider must be competitive on any track. So I'll try to find the right confidence and sensations right away, adapting to the bike and the circuit. A busy weekend awaits me, where I'll have to work hard and improve."







Translated by Leila Myftija

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