MotoGP, Edwards claims Marquez crashed at Jerez due to the electronics

Colin on Twitter: "You trust electronics more than your wife, but sometimes they can get confused. The same thing happened to Stoner in Indianapolis"


Marc Marquez’s crash in the Spanish GP at Jerez cost the world champion dear, and he now has to gear up for the Brno race, a circuit where he will arrive with 50 points to make up on Quartararo. The Spaniard was in full comeback mode when he was high sided off his Honda.

Colin Edwards has been analysing the accident and he then got on his Twitter profile.

“All I’m saying is this – he tweeted - When you have a support system that you basically put your life in its hands (electronics), you trust it more than your a sense. Does the same thing lap after lap, not even a concern, but that one time your support system gets confused…

In other words, the cause of Marquez's crash would have been a problem with the electronic controls…

The Texan also recalled another episode, which happened in 2012 to another Honda rider.

“Casey Stoner in Indianapolis, same thing... support system had a different idea… got confused” he added.


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