SBK, Ezpeleta: "Without Dorna Superbike would not have restarted"

“The increase in the number of infections in Spain? Our priority is to keep the paddock isolated, even if I would like to have the public in the circuit "  


Superbike has restarted from Jerez and Carmelo Ezpeleta could not miss out on this occasion. In fact, the boss of Dorna arrived at the Andalusian circuit in the morning, spending a few minutes with the media in the press room.

“We are really happy to see the restart of Superbike - declared Ezpeleta - in these months we have worked hard to allow the Championship to resume and this is undoubtedly a source of pride for all of us. MotoGP, as well as Superbike, have a protocol to strictly follow, in order to comply with all the Anti-COVID prevention rules.

Speaking of Superbikes, when will there be any new calendar for the season finale?

“In the coming days, after the Portimao race, we will let you know how we intend to go on with the season finale. We are talking about Misano, to understand what the situation is, later we will make an announcement in the shortest possible time ".

In addition to this season, there is also expectation for the next one…

“We have already started working for 2021 and we will behave in the same way as we did for the current one, taking account of the various scenarios that could occur in the different countries of the world. We hope, during this year, to have some races with the public, but we can't decide it now. In Superbike and MotoGP, the priority is to keep the paddock isolated and the issue related to the presence of the public depends on the country hosting the events ".

Carmelo, in Catalonia there has been a growth in the number of infections, as well as in the areas of Aragon. Are you worried?

"We as Dorna cannot control what happens in every country where MotoGP or SBK will race, but we can keep the paddock isolated, which represents the only way forward. Obviously, I am aware that it is not easy to convince circuits to race without spectators. I also heard about Aragon. The only thing I can say about it, in this particular situation, is that even 15 days before nothing is certain in this World Championship. In fact, we must keep this time schedule ".

How complicated was it to restart the SBK World Championship?

“We worked hard to try to get the bike and the riders back on track. The most important thing though, and here I want to emphasize it, is that if Superbike had not been part of the Dorna group, it would have been difficult for the Championship to have restarted. The fact that SBK and MotoGP belong to the same promoter has in fact facilitated our talks with countries ".

Are you excited about SBK's appeal?

“We are absolutely thrilled to host Superbike. This category sees production bikes involved, which means it has a different philosophy than MotoGP, but it makes us proud ".




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