SBK, Davies: “Was I born again? No, I was on the podium again last year too."

“Unfortunately, people forget. To achieve this, only a few minor changes were needed and no particular variation.”


Look who's back! Race 2 in Jerez gave Chaz Davies the joy of the first podium of the season. After missing it by a hair's breadth on Saturday, the Welsh rider got his personal revenge, bringing his Panigale V4 behind that of Scott Redding's.

Not a bad performance for the Aruba rider, who has proven that he can get back on his feet after a difficult start to the Championship at Phillip Island. He transpires satisfaction, even if there is a bit of regret because his goal was to bring home something more.

All in all, I'm satisfied with this performance and the result," Chaz began. "I started 7th in Race 2 and tried to recuperate. The sensations on the bike turned out to be good, and I felt competitive. I was, therefore, able to move up the rankings and overtake the riders that preceded me."

But it was his teammate who won.

I think Scott managed to make a difference at the beginning, when he was able to get a few tenths of an advantage that allowed him to get up front at the finish line. I tried to recuperate, but it wasn't enough. In the end, however, I'm happy, because I managed to be competitive, finding the sensations I wanted."

There are those who ask Chaz if this result represents a sort of rebirth for him.

No, also because I was on the podium several times last year  and fighting for the top three positions from Laguna Seca until the end of the season. But, sometimes, people tend to forget all this and think that my last podium was long before."

But what matters is his placement and his comeback after an uphill start to the season.

Compared to Phillip Island, this is a completely different track. But,  despite this, the Ducati has proven to be competitive. We worked on balancing the bike, making some small improvements during the Misano and Barcelona tests, which allowed us to be competitive."

Finally, the last consideration regards Redding's success.

Scott is much more effective than me in qualifying and makes better use of the new tire. This is one of the aspects I have to focus on in view of the next races, in order to start more ahead. Like I said, in the early stages of the race, he managed to get those tenths that allowed him to win."



Translated by Leila Myftija

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