SBK, Redding: “Without the fans it was like winning a winter test "

“Inside me I always thought I could get these results. I'm going to have a big party on ice to celebrate”


The Ducati fans had been waiting for him since February and he returned their wait as soon as he had the chance. Scott Redding scored his first win on the Panigale V4 this afternoon. It was a success seasoned with intelligence and strategy for the British rider, so much so that he was able to get the better of a tough nut like Johnny Rea.

He waited for the final stages of the race to place his winning attack on the northern Irishman, leave him standing and head for victory.

“More than a race it was like winning a winter test - Scott joked - it's really strange to race without the fans, but as we all know there are rules to be respected, because our health comes first. In fact, I hope I gave all the two-wheel fans and Ducati fans a nice start to the weekend."

Scott, have you thought about how you're going to party tonight?

“Of course, I'm going to have a big party on ice (jokes). Joking apart, I'm really happy with the pole and then the victory. Inside me I always thought I could get these results, even though in the heat it was not at all easy. These conditions are very particular, because you have to work harder with the bike and with your body. "

We saw you duelling first with Toprak, then with Johnny.

“Actually, I didn't want to fight with Toprak because the risk was that Johnny would get away. The first time I passed him he came back and I said to myself: "Oh no, he’s still here." Unfortunately, I was struggling with the front tyre, in particular at turns 4 and 8, but inside of me I knew that the other riders would be in my same situation. Then I had to deal with Johnny, on four occasions I went wide, getting out of line. I was really at the limit. "

Scott, what does this world championship win represent for you after so many years since the last one?

“Yeah, it’s been such a long time, but what matters is being first at the end of the Championship. We have to look at things race by race and try not to drop any points on the way, let alone make mistakes. The season is long and as we know anything can happen. "

How much of Scott Redding is there in this result?

 “Winning a race is a combination of a lot of elements. You can be strong but have a bad bike and not win and the same is true the other way around. Today I raced in 60 degrees heat, together with all the other riders, it was a gruelling race, but to get to the top you have to overcome every situation ".

How difficult will it be to replicate in Race 2?

"It’s going to be a busy Sunday, first the Superpole Race, then the second race. We will have to work as I have done up to now, aware that we can still improve. It will obviously be another exhausting race, but this applies to me and all the other riders. This is the World Championship and we have to give our best "





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